Cool Features Introduced by Messages App of iOS 14

iOS 14 is a new update version introduced by Apple for their iPhones and iPad Touch, that’ll be released towards the end of the year 2020. The new version will come up with a lot of exciting features, one of which is the ‘Messages’ app that’ll include mentions, pinning up messages, and a lot more.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a great option for those who communicate with non-iPhone users using the Messages app. Below mentioned are the details of new updates that the messages app will bring along.

You can pin up to nine priority conversations to the top of the message app for easy access without having to find them amongst other chats. It doesn’t matter if the pinned conversations are your group chats or an individual conversation box. A lot of iPhone users always wanted a feature like this for the Messages app, and now is the time it is finally going to arrive. It is a convenient option to pin the conversations with your family or business that’ll remind you of them in general or your pending tasks.

Cool Features Introduced by Messages App of iOS 14

Talking about the group chat that’ll be introduced with iOS 14, it’ll enable you to perform inline replies, assign a name to a group chat, set a display picture, and mention the participants. Inline replies will work the same as WhatsApp, which enables you to mark the messages and reply to the same. Mentions in a chat will enable you to specify the message to a particular user. Not only this, if the other participant has the notification turned on for mentions, they’ll also be notified immediately, whenever mentioned. Assigning a name to your group chat is another important thing to keep all the confusion away if you have several conversations going on. Also, how about setting a display picture or an emoji? Sounds great, right? Messages app enables you to do the same.

Note: Mentions only work if you type ‘@’ in front of the user’s name. For instance, ‘@Christina.’

All these features will come handy with iOS 14 and prove to be the best if you’re a daily Messages app user, until or unless the participants don’t use Apple devices. There’ll be certain changes in the chatbox with the non-iOS users; for instance, the message bubble will appear green instead of blue. A green bubble specifies that standard SMS is in function in place of iMessage. However, Google Messages are implementing a new ‘Rick Communication Services’ (RCS) feature, that’ll enable you to use Wi-Fi to send messages. Unfortunately, this function only works with Android devices.

Messages app is a bridge between the Android and iPhone users thus, the void can be filled with the introduction of RCS function in Apple devices. Another drawback of having a group with Android users is that you cannot leave the group. Thus, you’ll have to mute the conversation to keep yourself from being a part of it.

Apple users are looking forward to a feature that’ll fill the gap between iPhone and Android users. If you’re an Apple user, you probably might be asking for the same at the time. If not now, all you can expect is the release of such an update in the nearby future.

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