Cool Kids’ Room Ideas – How to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom

Our children’s room is a space that must be decorated with too much care, since it is there where the little ones let their imagination fly, rest, play and, above all, it is the first thing that their eyes will see every morning.

However, it is important to clarify that although many consider that the paint for the walls of the boy’s room should be blue and those of the girl should be pink, there are many more elements that are hidden behind that so obsolete argument.

Below, we will talk about some considerations that can help you give your children’s room a better look:

Decorative Elements

As we said before, elements such as curtains, furniture, and bed covers play an important role in promoting a cozy atmosphere in the room.

However, in the case of a child’s office, you can also choose to use cute wall stickers, beautiful wallpapers for kids like this world map wallpaper, personalized name decals that allude to happiness, playful times, and imagination.

This will make the child want to stay in his room playing and creating his world before going out and making disasters in the room or other rooms where the order is essential.

Grey-Vintage-World Map-Wallpaper

Paint With Your Child

An important activity is allowing your child to make some touches to his surroundings so that he will be free to draw a picture, write something or create a pattern on the wall decoration.

This not only strengthens the bonds between you and your child, but it will add a personal touch to the room and he will feel more comfortable being in a space that he recognizes as his own.

Finally, although it is about children, you must remember that the saturation of elements and color is something completely negative, so everything must be carefully located and decorated. Also, keep in mind the importance of safety, so you should use carpets that prevent slipping, covers in protruding corners, protectors in electrical outlets, etc.

Use Their Favorite Characters

Another way to invite the child to feel comfortable in his room is to reflect his personality through the use of his favorite characters.

As a parent, you must know their tastes, so there is nothing wrong with using cartoons from their favorite series, from a video game, book, or toy collection. Like this Cute Peppa Pig Chalk Wall Decal that your kid can use to draw, paint, etc.


Whatever it is, using these characters will make your little one more appreciative of his surroundings and what you have done for him.

Play With Lighting

Something as important as lighting cannot be overlooked, so you must take into account what type of lamps you are using in your child’s room, as well as the windows and the amount of light that enters through them.

It is important to have a bright room by day and cozy at night, so you should look for the best paint colors for the walls that promote an ideal environment for the activities of the child.

Create A Playful Environment

Some parents want our children to reach their full potential, so we choose to create environments where they can play and create without limits.

The use of blackboards, height chart wall decals like this Frozen Height Chart, games, and other playful elements among the decoration of the room invite them to create and personalize their environment according to their tastes in a short time, you will see what your little one’s interests are and how they begin to flourish.


The Colors

Although many associate children with vibrant colors, experts have shown that the excessive use of these tones can be counterproductive, causing fatigue, headache, stress, or hyperactivity.

For this reason, you should choose to use neutral colors contrasted with measured touches of vitality.

In other words, you can create pleasant settings with sand and wood-tone paints, complemented by pink, green, or blue curtains, live bedspreads, and ebony furniture.

Of course, everything can vary according to your tastes and those of your child, but a palette based on balance will make your little one feel comfortable and calmer.

Use MyCuteStickons for creating the perfect space for your children.

As you can see, there are many little things to consider when you decorate children’s rooms.

Do you dare to try it? Do not hesitate to contact us. We advise and guide you throughout the project for your little one’s room.

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