Cooler Bags: Waterproof, Portable, Versatile

Cooler bags serve one simple, beautiful purpose: They allow people to take fresh food and cold drinks with them wherever they go. No more lukewarm water, beer or soda at the campsite, beach or fishing spot. No more soggy backpacks and annoying clamminess on the lower back. Best of all, no more lugging bulky plastic or Styrofoam coolers around.


Cooler bags feature more advanced insulation than the standard ice chest does. They use polyurethane foam, an impressively light material which forms a powerful barrier to heat exchange. It allows cooler bags to keep liquids cold for an entire day.The bags have this foam inside between the heavy outer fabric and the lining.

Cooler bags are easily portable. They only weigh between 1.5-5 lbs. with nothing inside. Customers can find bags with a shoulder strap or ones with backpack straps.

Insulated backpack coolers can appeal to style-conscious consumers as well. They come in various colors and sleek designs. People can carry a couple dozen cans or bottles and not look dorky while they do it.

Hardcore outdoorsmen (and outdoors-women) can take advantage of cooler bags which are modeled after top-quality technical backpacks. These products are designed to keep ice from melting for several days; they can actually work better than most coolers! Not only that, they are easy to load or empty and feature top-notch suspension systems. People can hike for miles and have something cool to drink whenever they stop to rest.

For more casual users, there are tote-sized cooler bags available. They weigh less than five pounds but are built to last. It is easy to find cooler totes made from high-density nylon and heavy-duty canvas, which let them withstand a variety of rugged conditions while keeping food and drink cool.

Tote-sized cooler bags can hold some ice and a bottle of wine or two (or a six-pack of PBR, if you roll like that) with no problem. Customers can easily find totes with additional pockets, which they could use for storing stuff like their phone, suntan lotion or some snacks. A person could even fit a tablet inside if he or she is one of those people who just cannot unplug completely.

ICEMULE Coolers offers some of the best cooler bags available anywhere. The company specializes in developing long-lasting, waterproof, portable coolers which people can take with them to the river, the beach or anywhere else.

About ICEMULE Coolers

ICEMULE Coolers offers high-quality insulated backpack cooler and other products through its online store. The company’s signature cooler bags feature proprietary technology which ensure durability and keep contents cold for 24 hours or longer.

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