Is Using a Cooler During COVID-19 Pandemic Safe?

Cooler Manufacturers Summer is upon us. The temperatures throughout the country continue to rise. People are wondering whether they should use a cooler or AC due to the prevailing risks of COVID-19 spread inside the room through these machines. Some studies have found that temperatures may be linked with a lower incidence of COVID-19. However, some other studies have found that there is no association of coronavirus disease transmission with temperature or UV radiation. Amid the pandemic, we need to follow the guidelines issued by the government regarding the use of evaporative or desert coolers. 

Experts say evaporative coolers are safer than portable coolers because evaporative or desert coolers draw outdoor air. If you are using portable coolers, then make sure to install them in the balcony and let the air come through the window so that this cooler can also draw outdoor air inside the room to ensure good ventilation. Whatever coolers you are using during the pandemic, make sure you keep their tank clean and disinfected as well as the water drained and refilled frequently. 

If you want to buy a cooler, make sure to choose reliable cooler manufacturers and the cooler has filters to prevent dust and help maintain hygiene. However, you can also get a filter installed in the machine after installation. Please note that till now no medicines are available that can fully protect you against the pandemic, so staying at home, getting vaccinated, and following all the guidelines is the only way to stay safe and healthy. 

Since the summer season is on, using a cooler is better than an air conditioner. You just need to be careful enough to change the water and keep it clean and your room properly ventilated. At Cooler Manufacturers, you will be able to find different types of coolers Choose one get them installed. If you keep the room air, the chances of coronavirus spread are very less. 

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