Cooling Towers Significance And Mechanism

Cooling towers are those units of equipment that throws out unwanted heat to the atmosphere from end to end of the coolant stream, which commonly will be a controlled stream of water, in order to a lower temperature of the mechanical units which needs to be cooled. Cooling towers evaporate water content to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to the permissible air temperature.

Whereas, in case of dry cooling towers, a simple current of air is employed to cool the working fluid. The classification of cooling towers is based on the type of air induction into the tower and are mainly categorised as natural draft and induced draft cooling towers. Oil refineries, petrochemical and other industrial plants, thermal power stations, nuclear power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings are the most common areas where the cooling is done by circulating water around.

Cooling towers come from small roof-top units to very large hyperboloid structures which may sometimes cover up to a 100 – 200 meter height and 100 plus meters in width, resulting in rectangular structures that can be over 40 metres to 80 metres long. Hyperboloid cooling towers are mostly installed in nuclear power plants and large chemical and other industrial plants.

Although these large towers are very prominent, the vast majority of cooling towers are much smaller, including many units installed on or near buildings to discharge heat from air conditioning. Cooling towers are eco-friendly and do not emit smoke or harmful fumes by the general public, they only emit water vapour, and do not contribute to any abrupt or unpredicted climate change. These cooling towers need an expert and skilled supervision for its peak performance and longer life.

Organizations such as Techtimia are a dedicated, vibrant and dynamic team of professionals offering services required to substantiate the functions of the cooling towers servicing and maintenance facility Well aimed and comprising of scheduled actions that are required, Techtimia undertakes execution and maintenance activities pertaining to large and medium industrial, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works, Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems and Mechanical Engineering services.

Equipped with a meticulous, strategic maintenance policy, our execution and maintenance services are structured in a sequence of time-based upkeep that delivers a base for scheduling and executing. These services comprise and include regulating, cleaning, and supplanting the constituents. Techtimia comprehensive Cooling tower maintenance and service mainly targets at lengthening equipment lifetime, which lead to cost stashes, providing safe, functional systems and facilities that meet the requirement to improve operating efficiencies.

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