Copying VHS to DVD: What You Need To Know

Video cassette videotape, compact disc, flash sd card on a yellow background. Top view. Video storage and recording technology. Flat lay concept.

Video cassette videotape, compact disc, flash sd card on a yellow background. Top view. Video storage and recording technology. Flat lay concept.

What to Know


Connect the VCR to a DVD recorder, begin the DVD recording first, then press Play at the VHS VCR to begin tape playback.

Use a DVD recorder/VHS VCR aggregate unit, then press Record at the DVD aspect and Play at the VCR aspect.

Connect your VCR to a PC, file the VHS to the PC’s difficult pressure, then switch the video to DVD the use of the PC’s DVD creator.


This article explains a way to switch a VHS to a DVD the use of 3 exclusive methods.

Option One: Use a DVD Recorder


To reproduction VHS tape content material to DVD the use of a DVD Recorder, right here are the steps.


Connect the composite (yellow) video and RCA analog stereo (red/white) outputs of the VCR to corresponding inputs on a DVD recorder.

VCR AV Outputs


Specific DVD recorders may also have one or extra video/audio inputs, which can be categorized in numerous methods, together with AV-In half of, Line-in half of or Video half of In.

DVD Recorder AV Inputs


Select the enter at the DVD recorder that the VCR is attached to.

DVD Recorder AV Line Input Example


Place the tape you need to duplicate into the VCR.

Loading a VHS tape right into a VCR

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Place a recordable DVD into the DVD recorder.

Inserting DVD into DVD participant or recorder

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Start the DVD recording first, then press play at the VHS VCR to begin tape playback.


The motive you begin the DVD recorder first is to make certain you do not omit the primary few seconds of the video this is being performed lower back to your VCR.


For extra on DVD recorders and recording, check with our DVD Recorder FAQs and present day guidelines for DVD recorders.

Option Two: Use a DVD Recorder/VHS VCR Combination Unit


You can reproduction VHS to DVD the use of a DVD recorder/VHS VCR combination. This technique is just like alternative 1 however simpler because the VCR and DVD recorder is a unmarried unit. This way no greater connection cables are required.


Another manner the use of a DVD recorder/VHS VCR combination is simpler is maximum have a cross-dubbing function. This way after placing a playback tape and recordable DVD, you pick out which manner you need to dub (VHS to DVD or DVD to VHS) through urgent a Dub button.


If your DVD recorder/VHS VCR combination unit does not have a one-step dubbing function, press Record at the DVD aspect and Play at the VCR aspect (check with the person manual for details).


Here are a few guidelines for DVD recorder/VCR combinations.

Funai DVD Recorder VHS VCR Combo


Option Three: Connect a VCR to a PC Via a Video Capture Device


Here is an answer this is turning into extra famous and realistic (with a few caveats).


This 1/3 manner of shifting your VHS tapes to DVD involves:


Connecting your VCR to a PC thru an analog-to-virtual video seize device.

Recording your VHS video to the PC’s difficult pressure.

Transferring the video to DVD the use of the PC’s DVD creator.


Such gadgets include a field that has the specified analog video/audio inputs so that it will join your VCR and a USB output for connection on your PC.


In addition to shifting VHS tape video to a PC’s difficult pressure, a number of those gadgets additionally include software program that assists in making the video switch extra bendy with enhancing capabilities that permit you do beautify your video with titles, chapters, etc.


The primary matters to think about the use of the VCR to PC technique are:


The quantity of RAM you’ve got got to your PC

The velocity of each your processor and your difficult pressure.


The motive those elements are essential is that once changing analog video to virtual video, the record sizes are large. This now no longer best takes up quite a few difficult pressure space, however in case your PC isn’t always rapid enough, your switch may stall, or you could randomly lose a few video frames throughout the switch process. This effects in skips whilst performed lower back from the difficult pressure or from the DVD that the difficult pressure transfers the video too.

Elgato Analog to USB Video Capture Device


Time May Be Running out for DVD Recording


VHS VCRs were with us because the mid-1970’s, however, in 2016, after a 41-yr run, production of recent devices ceased. Since the advent of DVRs, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and net streaming, VCRs are not realistic.


Although many VHS VCRs are nonetheless in use, locating replacements is an increasing number of tough as ultimate inventory disappears. As a result, many clients hold VHS tape content material on DVD. If you have not yet, the time is strolling out.


Although the use of a DVD recorder, DVD recorder/VHS VCR combination, or PC DVD creator are realistic methods to switch VHS Tapes to DVD, further to the discontinuation of VCRs, DVD recorders and DVD recorder/VHS VCR mixtures also are turning into very uncommon and less PCs and Laptops are supplying integrated DVD writers. However, even though DVD recording alternatives are decreasing, DVD playback gadgets aren’t going away whenever soon.

An example of the methods to duplicate vhs films to DVD.

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Consider the Professional Route


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