Corona warrior: Dr. Nikunj treats in the high-risk zone of coronavirus

Meerut, Jn. Nose, ear, and throat specialist Dr. Nikunj Jain of Medical College is continuously doing duty in the high-risk zone during the Corona period. The doctor is at the highest risk of getting infected while treating ENT patients. These patients have to be treated with the nose and mouth open, and through this route, the coronavirus reaches the air. Dr. Nikunj reaches OPD, Flu OPD, and the Emergency ward for treatment.

Crown patients are everywhere here. He has also made duty in the Kovid room during the month of May. Dr. Nikunj, who made MBBS of the 2006 and MS lot from Aligarh Medical College in 2014, joined Medical College in September 2017. He is currently an assistant professor of the Department of Ent. Dr. Jain directs OPD on Monday and Thursday. Patients arriving in the department are treated after performing a Kovid test. Doctors I understand have a special role in patients with traumas.


In such a situation, they are treated immediately when using PPE kits. Along with this, the sample is sent for the Kovid test. Dr. Jain says that during the month of May, he made the duty in the Kovid-19 room. The patients had several complications related to the throat, which were treated. The coronavirus infects the throat. It spreads through breathing and steam comes out of the mouth. They believe that the virus can become more deadly in centuries. In such a situation, people should not commit any error in the application of masks. Keep the physical distance. Do not go to the crowd. Keep the inhalation of steam to clear your throat. Do not take any medication in your mind. To avoid throat infection, the decoction and the Betadine Gargle can also be done.


Crown patients are being found wherever here. He has likewise performed responsibility in the Kovid ward during the long stretch of May. Dr. Nikunj, who did MBBS from the 2006 clump and MS from Aligarh Medical College in 2014, joined Medical College in September 2017. As of now, he is the Assistant Professor of the ENT Department. Dr. Jain behaviors OPD on Monday and Thursday. Patients showing up in the office are treated subsequent to leading a Kovid test. ENT specialists have an exceptional job in injury patients.


In such a circumstance, they are dealt with quickly by wearing PPE packs. Alongside this, the example is sent for the Kovid test. Dr. Jain says that during the long stretch of May, he carried out the responsibility in the Kovid-19 ward. The patients had a few complexities identified with the throat, which were dealt with. The Covid taints the throat. It is spread through the breath and the steam emerging from the mouth. They accept that the infection can turn out to be all the more lethal in hundreds of years. In such a circumstance, individuals ought not to commit any error in applying covers. Maintain actual separation. Try not to go in the group. Continue to breathe in the steam to make a sound as if to speak. Try not to take any medication. To keep away from throat contamination, decoction and betadine rinse should likewise be possible.

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