Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

Below is a list of social sector organisations and collectives that are engaged in fighting COVID-19 across India. It is updated daily, with the information provided by the organisations themselves. Listed in alphabetical order.

If your organisation needs support as you respond to this second wave, please tell us about it by filling out this form.

For supporters: If you’re looking to donate to a particular cause, community, or geography, please filter using Ctrl+F and searching for the keyword.

Supply of oxygen cylinders/concentrators and drugs/medicines to healthcare facilities, where there is a massive shortage and lives are being lost as a result.
Supply of PPE kits and food and rations to migrant workers and vulnerable families in rural India who have lost their means of livelihoods and have no income; hunger and deprivation are real issues here.
Creating awareness around vaccinations and the severity of the second wave in rural India, as there is still a great deal of vaccine hesitancy there. This reluctance to get vaccinated is resulting in large parts of rural India getting infected as well.
Additionally, there is also a need to provide livelihood support as well as mental health and counselling services for the thousands of families who have lost their jobs and loved ones.

While most of the attention and efforts at the moment are focussed on sourcing oxygen and drugs, the real need very soon is going to be around addressing hunger, providing livelihoods, ensuring vaccination saturation in rural India, and providing mental health and counselling services.

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1. Aagaaz Theatre Trust
Relief efforts: Raising funds worth INR 80,000 to provide support for eight families in Nizamuddin Basti, New Delhi; providing medicines and vitamin supplements to COVID-19 positive individuals and N95 masks to the community; providing one ration kit worth INR 5,000 with medicines and supplements for a whole family of eight (on average)
Location: Delhi ( New Delhi )
Communities served: Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti
Current needs: Funding for continuing to support eight families and provide affected individuals and the community with ration kits, medicines and supplements, and masks

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