Corporate Communications

They say communication is the key to success and this is certainly true in the corporate world. Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently while engaging your employees all play a very integral role in the success of a business. Methods and technologies to help facilitate this have come a long way, especially in the era of digital media where people are being more accustomed to interacting with the world virtually. Everything from vibrant and dynamic intranet systems to digital display boards have all become a standard part of most companies’ internal infrastructure. Let’s examine a couple of these technologies and discover why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Digital Display Boards

So many companies even smaller to medium sized companies are installing digital bulletin boards in their break rooms and conference rooms. They provide an easy and interactive way for employees to engage with company culture and keep abreast on current events. Companies like provide several highly customizable options to suit the needs and demands of most corporate workspaces. They have resources that can help you choose the right hardware and configure the right corporate communications software to best engage with your employees. They cite that among the several benefits of digital display systems, displaying dynamic information that is engaging and entertaining while being a budget friendly and environment conscious option has made it very compelling for companies to adopt this technology. The ability to integrate social applications and even external news feeds have made it a bigger draw for a variety of companies from large corporations to schools and even pubs. In this age of digital com
munication on an individual level, it only makes sense that companies are tapping into all the benefits of applying it on a larger scale.

Intranet Systems

Gone are the days of using lengthy corporate emails and redundant meetings to be able to communicate information within a company. Having a fun, interactive and vibrant intranet is something that companies are increasingly implementing. Software solutions have come a long way and with many companies migrating their data and applications to the cloud, there are several options out there that can integrate seamlessly with a company’s software infrastructure. A good example of this is, they’re an online cloud based intranet system that is highly scalable and flexible and is very easy to integrate. Based on the robust underlying architecture of Salesforce, simpplr is a dependable solution that is becoming increasingly popular. Their website contains all the information you need to set up an account and have the system deployed in a matter of days. Systems like this that do not require intensive and heavy IT knowledge to administer have several benefits for a company. They free up a company’s IT resources to focus on the heavy lifting of a company’s core applications that are essential to its business and leaves communication infrastructure needs to third party sources.

Communication is becoming increasingly relevant and prevalent in our world and technology will only help further it.

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