Cosmetic surgery, farewell bearings with Coolsculpting:

The cosmetic surgery has become the lifeline of many girls who want a perfect body at all costs, both economic and health-related. In Italy a new technique has finally arrived. It’s called “Coolsculpting”


The Coolsculpting in Boston procedure is based on the technique of cryolipolysis or liposculpture: it reduces fat safely and effectively, without surgery or recovery time. Thanks to controlled cooling, CoolSculpting technology allows subcutaneous fat residues to be selectively, effectively and painlessly hit. The evolution of cryolipolysis to remodel the body and say goodbye to localized fat thanks to cold and a non-invasive method

How does it work:

CoolSculpting uses a controlled localized cooling system that aims to hit subcutaneous fat cells without affecting the skin? The cells in fact, are crystallized (frozen) and subsequently disposed of naturally by the body, definitively. This process is called apoptosis (cell death according to a natural process) which, though not involving other cells does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues or to the epidermis. The cells, to which heat has been removed, are subsequently eliminated by the body with the loss of 25% of body fat. You have to choose Best Place for Coolsculpting.

CoolSculpting is extraordinary because – in addition to allowing an effective reduction of localized fat deposits – it is completely painless, safe, without scarring and anaesthesia. It does not require recovery time, in a few hours you can already return to your normal life without the need for post-operative antibiotic treatment in the case of liposuction.

Which areas of the body can be treated:

The procedure can be used to treat different areas of the body such as abdomen, Botox Boston, hips, inner thigh, inner knee, arms, and under-chin area.

How many sessions are needed:

In most cases a single session is sufficient, which lasts about an hour, to obtain appreciable results.

It hurts?

It is possible to feel a sensation of cold and slight tingling, but nothing painful or particularly annoying.

After how much do you see the results?

The first results are visible after three to four weeks, to stabilize permanently within a few months.

 Is it really effective?

The studies carried out say yes. Cool Sculpting has a high safety profile and efficacy demonstrated by 52 published scientific studies. The duration of the results was observed at 6 and 9 years (in 2 separate case studies) after treatment. It is the only cryolipolysis technology developed by Harvard University that has a patented control system for selective and personalized cooling. Of the 5 million people who performed the treatment, 95% were satisfied.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive method to reduce localized fat deposits and reshape forms without resorting to surgery. Take advantage of the principle of cooling adipose cells capable of causing the breakage of fat bonds. This technique is an evolution of the already known surgical liposuction: cryolipolysis allows obtaining similar final results but has undoubted advantages such as not predicting any surgical invasiveness and a practically zero post-treatment course compared to the course of a liposuction with a scalpel.

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