Cost of transportation of goods with packers and movers pune

Cost of transportation of goods with packers and movers pune

If you have planned to move in pune or outside the pune, The very first question that will come to you mind is how much it would cost to hire goods transporters in pune. You can not simply calculate the cost of it. There are a lot of things in it you will read in this blog, We will explain you in detail. Some of the packers and movers in pune like Cargo Balaji also provide transportation of goods service. You can check those companies.

Firstly, You have to give the list of objects you are moving with to the company, also there are so many important factors which affect the overall cost of transportation are given below in details :

Cost of packing, handling and transporting 

This is the basic expense you have to give in every case while moving. It depends on your destination, quantity of objects and type of objects.

Octroi tax – It is a tax that state governments charge when goods are imported and exported from one state to another. Some of the Indian states like West Bengal do not charge this type of tax, For others, you can simply check on the internet. Octroi charges are generally for merchandise like food grains, dish sets, vehicles, valuable metals like gold and silver, chinaware, wooden items, silk things etc. Furthermore, octroi charges changes from time to time.

Toll charges – Toll expenses are paid when vehicles passed through the check post where toll- officers calculate and ask you to pay the charges. This is why packers and movers in pune require list of objects in beforehand so that they can easily calculate the charges in advance and give you an estimate of it.

Goods Insurance – You need to check this while moving your goods, sometimes it is neglected to save money but professional packers and movers Pune would not move your goods if you don’t cover your goods with protection. This ensures that your important things are secured from any mishap or misfortune. Just be clear and read the agreement properly to know which goods are covered.

Service tax – In India, If you hire a separate transporter for moving your goods, in that case, you have to pay 5% tax and when you take complete packing and moving service with movers and packers pune transportation then you have to pay 18 % GST.

Depending on you –  By referring to the above details, you can calculate transportation cost by own. It is completely your choice if you want to include more or avoid unnecessary goods, This will affect your overall cost. It is a subjective issue and there is no fixed number that you can simply pass by, it will rely upon your requirements.

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