Could Garmin Make any Response With Its New Alexa-Enabled GPS?

The US government created the scheme, and maintains it, and makes it freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver. The GPS project was propelled by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1973 for use by the US military and became fully operational in 1995.

Who doesn’t remember the first GPS?

Garmin is hoping to exploit on that wistfulness by providing a new dedicated Global Positioning System (GPS) with Alexa’s voice. “Enjoy the eventual voice-controlled, hands-free experience,” the company undertakings.
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The Garmin Drive Smart 65 with Amazon Alexa provides many features and tools that come with modern day smartphones, as noted Engadget. Undoubtedly, the design is nothing like the clunky GPS of the early ought’s, thanks to an edge-to-edge display and a high-definition display. The Alexa built-in feature permits the drivers to use its skills, including playing harmony through Amazon Music and other flooding services, along with other standards like checking the traffic and weather and also creating to-do lists.
The Drive Smart retails for $299.99. Which begs the question: who’s willing to buy one for their car? These days, many of us rely on services like Google Maps or Apple Maps to arrive at our destinations. Not to indicate, many modern cars now come with built-in dashboard navigation screens.

While many drivers find investing in a GPS device to be dismissed, there’s a reason why makers like Tom and Garmin are still around. As in 2017 the article noted in New York Times, dedicated GPS devices have many benefits over using a maps app on your mobile phone or smartphone. For once, they are far more reliable during service outages that many experience drivers, especially in rural areas. The capability to navigate roads without data connection alone could be the worth the investment for many, for example, especially those who regularly hike or camp.

While Garmin’s Alexa Company likely won’t influence millions of drivers to plop down $300 for a GPS, the release is a testimony to the lasting presence of navigation systems despite today’s progressive mobile technology.
The Drive Smart 65 is available on Garmin’s website for pre-order.

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