Could Hemp Protein Powder Be Your New Favorite Supplement?

Whether you visit the gym regularly or are just trying to make healthy choices, chances are you use a few supplements. From fish oil to multivitamins and protein powders, these dietary supplements are crucial for tons of people.

protein2Many people are starting to adopt a plant-based hemp protein in their post-workout and breakfast shakes. Could it be your new favorite supplement? Here are a few reasons to try incorporating hemp extract into your wellness and fitness routine.

Plant-Based Blend 

If you live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, then finding a protein powder that fits your diet might seems like a challenge. You’ll find that a decent amount of the protein powders on the shelf are made with dairy in some form or another. The common misconception is you need to ingest animal by-products to get an efficient protein boost, but hemp extract, among other ingredients, is changing that.

Plant-based protein powder blends harness the goodness that nature has to offer, and many people find that it’s easier for them to digest. The best plant-based protein powder will also pack a decent amount of fiber into every serving (aim for 3 grams of fiber per serving).

The Power Is in the Hemp 

While using plant-based protein powders in your post-workout shakes is a great first step, going for a hemp protein powder is ideal. Hemp is a powerful plant, and when compared to flax seeds and chia seeds, the winner in terms of protein, omegas 3 and 6, and carbs is clear. Manitoba Harvest’s Plant Protein Blend, for example, contains 20 grams of protein, 2 grams of omegas, and 12 grams of carbs per serving. Organic hemp seeds also pack in 10 essential amino acids, which makes hemp a complete plant-based protein, something vegans, vegetarians, and others who dig their plants will love.

More Than Just Protein

You may think that the only benefit of a protein powder is the protein, but you could be getting a lot more. For one, it’s great for just adding a little balance to your diet. And when you choose a premium hemp protein powder, you’re getting so much more with every scoop. The omegas and fiber provide a lot of nutritional value, and a quality hemp protein powder will pack a serving of CBD as well.

Quality CBD—whether taken in the form of CBD oil drops, CBD softgels, or in a protein powder—can promote balance and wellbeing, and is a daily essential for tons of people. Whether you’re already an avid CBD fan and want a more convenient solution, or you’d like to give it a try, a hemp-based protein powder is a great way to go.

Shop with the Best

There’s no doubt that you have plenty of options for hemp protein powder, but the best brands will stand the test of time and are more than trend chasers. Look for a company with experience and dedication to the wellness benefits of hemp. Also, check for other organic ingredients on the label with a purpose and fewer fillers.

About Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in hemp foods, and is now offering Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD. It’s hemp, with love. They’re not just hemp experts—Manitoba Harvest loves the healthy, wholesome nature of the plant, and they’re hemp’s biggest fans. They aim to strip the negativity out of life and help you get back to what’s important: your health, confidence, cheer, and overall well-being. Their hemp products provide a simple way to get there, letting you focus on the things that bring you joy. With offerings like CBD protein powder, softgels, sprays, hemp hearts, hemp oil, granola with hemp, and more—good things come to those who hemp.

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