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Deciding which wheelchair to buy can be a bit complicated at first, but you will see how it finally is not. Some of the factors that we must be very clear about before choosing an orthopedic chair are, among others, if we want it as an assisted transfer wheelchair or on the contrary, we want it to move without assistance.

Next, we are going to detail the most important aspects that we are going to take into account before choosing a wheelchair. We are going to see aspects of the different types of chairs that exist. We hope these tips can be of great help to you.

Types of wheelchairs:

Currently, we can find 2 different types:

– Manual wheelchair: They are the ones that you can find self-propelled (that is, it is the user himself who handles it with the help of his arms) and the transfer wheelchairs that require a companion for their mobility.

– Electric wheelchair: In this type of wheelchair, the mobility of the chair is carried out by means of an electric motor that incorporates the same, while its direction is carried out from a joystick that incorporates in one of the armrests.


As with walker, wheelchairs can be found made of aluminum or steel. Steel wheelchairs are more robust and slightly heavier, their weight usually around 15 and 20 kg. On the other hand, aluminum wheelchairs are lighter and their weight can be reduced by almost half, to around 10 kg.


Some of these models can include mobility scooter accessories such as bags where you can store objects, cushions to sit more comfortably, or headrests.

Where can I buy a cheap wheelchair?

As you can see, in this selection that you have just seen below you can find inexpensive models with very good finishes. If you want to buy a cheap, good, and quality wheelchair, we recommend that you do it from our platform We are one of the leading suppliers of mobility and aid products. We also deal in mobility scooter hire Brisbane.

A lightweight wheelchair is an essential element for the mobility of many disabled people, elderly people with a lack of mobility in their legs. Or for those who may be recovering from some type of fracture or major operation, and need a device with which to move and commute daily.

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