Couple Trip To Manali – Himachal’s Honeymoon Capital

Welcome to the snowy home of India! Since the beginning, we’ve been hearing about the famed pair of Kullu Manali, and have thought of visiting the popular winter destination for our summer getaways. Manali is most likely an early places that we were taught by our imaginations as a winter destination that was reminiscent of the terrain and climate of the region, which was completely different to the other places we’ve visited in the country, and also the ultimate wedding capital in Himachal. Therefore, the desire to go to this snow-covered area was heightened and led to the creation of numerous Manali trip. The Manali region is full of beautiful popular, yet secluded spots located in this magical landscape, brimming with stunning natural treasures.

Manali, why Manali

The Bollywood’s most loved and active winter sports spot it is the top choice for any traveler. The world of adventure awaits you! Explore thrilling sports like paragliding, horse riding, Zorbing, mountain bike riding in Solang Valley and equally enchanting sightseeing experience in Rohtang Pass. The atmosphere in Himachal Pradesh is welcoming just as the welcoming inhabitants of the state. The excitement of winter adventures is a draw for all adventurers. The romantic atmosphere of the place can be so romantic, that we choose a unique Manali Tour Package for couples.

What’s in The Name

You know what? there’s a story to the name! It is derived from the combination of Manu and Alay, Manali is also known as the Valley of Gods.’ It is definitely one of the most stunning destinations and the top destination for anyone who loves adventure! It is also a paradise for backpackers planning their travels. Manali is also an ideal option for lovers. The ultimate Kullu Manali honeymoon packages are often mentioned in their list. The picturesque tiny hill station located inside Himachal Pradesh has captured the interest of tourists from all over the globe, and quickly becomes part of the Manali package for couples.

What should you do in Manali?

Manali truly is a place with a variety of options. It is so numerous, it is certain that everyone will find something that suits their needs. Manali is well-known for its sports that require a lot of effort, such as paragliding, skiing, rafting, Zorbing, trekking, and camping. In addition to these, Kullu Manali honeymoon packages include popular temples such as Manu Mandir, the Hidimba Temple and Manu Mandir.

A few of the renowned tourist destinations in Manali are Manali’s Vashisht Temple and the hot water springs that are located near the temple. It is also believed that a dip in these hot springs can relax the mind and body. Therefore, make your way towards the snowy landscape and explore the picturesque mountain station which is each couple’s dream destination for their Manali honeymoon packages!

With so many options to choose from and so many things to do creating a stunning honeymoon itinerary for your wedding is no easy task!

To create your Manali couple’s package unique this is a list of 6 hand of stitching ideas for you:

  1. You can go against gravity of the Solang Valley!

Solang Valley is yet another adventure waiting for you to discover! A beautiful valley located between Solang village, which provides stunning views of mountains covered in snow and glaciers. Experience a ropeway ride in Solang Valley and opt for other adventure-based activities. Some of them include options: horse riding, skiing or paragliding, ice skating, mountain bicycle, snow scooter or Zorbing. Certain, all of these will provide an adrenaline-filled ride. All of them will surely test the limits of gravity! In the end, sports that are adventure-oriented in this beautiful place is something that’s abstract. Since it can bring a whole new thrill to the day of your Himachal honeymoon.

  1. Camp in the middle of Kasol!

Manali is a hidden gem. Manali is gaining popularity slowly. Of course, this is all the latest Manali excitement, Kasol. Kasol can be described as an unusual destination in Manali. It is situated within the valley of Parvati along the river Parvati. For couples who have an unusual option of hiking and camping This is the ideal option as part of your Manali wedding package. Stay near the banks of the river, gaze at the cold winter nights, and take in the breathtaking sunrise and sunset! If you’re a couple with the option to make a Manali trip, which is a bit unusually offbeat, Kasol is your haven!

  1. Take on the waves in the Beas River!

The flowing water of the Himalayan River are the most stunning canvass that you can use to create your dream honeymoon! For couples who would like to enjoy an unforgettable experience, go towards Beas River for an exciting adventure that includes white-water rafting! This will transform the romantic honeymoon look into an enjoyable one! The appeal of white water rafting can add a new experience to your exquisitely designed new start to life! The renowned Beas River has left the travelers awestruck and became an integral element of packages. Kullu Manali romantic packages!

  1. Relive the past in the era of chivalry, and have an evening with your date at”The Cafe” 1947!

Some kind of surprise and a carefully planned date for your Manali excursion, right in the Himalayan terrain, with food that is sure to delight your palate. It sounds like a fantastic idea and the ideal date you’ve ever had! The name “Cafe 1947” is a reference to a specific meaning. You could have guessed that it was named after the year. It was indeed inspired by the year that India was declared independent. The relaxed restaurant that serves Italian cuisine in the stunning atmosphere of Manali will be a wonderful memory to treasure for the rest of your lives! If eating out is your couple’s objective and traveling to new places is your thing This is a great option for customizing your Manali honeymoon packages!

  1. Relax your body, mind and body in the Himalayan landscape!

Are you looking to refresh your body, mind, and spirit in this Himalayan landscape? Because your Manali excursion is planned to accomplish exactly this! The amazing options for wellness and spa treatments available in this mystical country. They can completely make your honeymoon relaxing! The most important thing is to escape into the most stunning natural beauty, as you are enjoying your honeymoon is the most important thing to do during your moment. Isn’t it? In fact, the concept of relaxing in the spa and wellness with your significant other… is the ideal start to your journey! Making this a unique addition for the Manali couple package is sure to give a fresh look on your romantic getaway!

  1. Take a deep breath and embrace the majesty of the most beautiful nature!

This concept is intended for the heart of the wild! What are you going to do about answering the call from the forests? by creating your Himachal honeymoon in the treehouses of Manali? It’s a whole new dimension of a novel concept! Begin to imagine yourself within The Himalayan embrace. Also, imagine yourself being indulged by Mother Nature. This will bring a whole new dimension to your Manali trip! Imagine being in the magnificent Himalayas and soaking in the fresh air. This is the level of tranquility that you are going to experience during your wedding with your loved one. In addition, the breathtaking nature will make your Manali vacation a time that will be treasured for the rest of your life!


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