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And they also provide adequate competitors for their quarter Bortles, but it seems that these have not made the team to make progress, at least the team’s wire guards Tirlvin – Smith (Telvin SMITH) is thinking.

Luke Wilson is still in the brain shock and cannot be played. Run Marshawn Lynch Abdominal injury, this Wednesday has decided whether it will be in the field before recovering the training. Defensive Director Michael Bennett toe injury, doubt. Safety Weikam – Kam Chancellor) pelvic injury, doubtful. Defensive Director Jordan Hill toe injury, doubts. External handle Thaler-Rocket, cutah, Russell Okung, calf, sick, cheap nfl jerseys sick.

The injury of the sea eagle is relatively common, plus the replacement running guards that have been successful, and the current ground offensive of the sea eagle is very worried, and the team’s offensive ball points are also reduced. Although the injury of the defensive group is generally, it is basically able to come to the next game.

In fact, it is still a ranking season, and the American Tiger has only conducted a four-time voluntary training camp, so Smith did not attract too many people’s attention. But the player’s mentality is generally no surprise, obviously Smith’s blame does not have any mistakes, especially such a new team, because the team’s new coach Doug – Malona does need to change the team. Culture.

Dolphins announced the complete coach group lineup
The US time, the official announcement of Dolphin, Jim Caldwell, will hire Jim Caldwell to serve as the team’s main coach assistant and quadruple coach.

This game, Josh Gordon, returned, completed 8 battles, and won 120 yards. In the game, he became a pass target in the game, and the data was listed in the first place. During his career in Gordon, he was only 18 times in the game with the Minnesota Vajing.

Smith said: “I only feel a lot of places we need to make progress. As a player, we have to do our best, this is not to do a plan, or do you want to do it. Where is our thoughts? Our team spirit should think about how to defeat your opponent. ”

At present, Buckli and Tibo are ranked after Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford, and the current Bradford is not recovered due to ligament injury, and may eventually compete in the first quarter. Will be expanded between Barkel and Sanchez.

In the recent interview, Bakley said: “He will not replace my position on the court. He is one of the needs of the team. He is just click the following web page one of us. He tried to let the team becomes different. I will affect me, because I will continue to fight every day. I will not fight for the third replacement, I will do it, if the final result is still the third replacement, if the final result is the first one I will Very happy, I can’t decide my income, but I will make me the best. ”

“36 years old? My day, I thought it was 12 years old.” Subsequent Newton turned to leave, when he walked to Coleman, he put the newcomer’s referee “to give teammates,” he is only 12 years old, ” Look at him. He has not taken a driver’s license. He can’t drive home. He also went to call a & lsquo; You Go & RSQUO ;! ”

Brian flores said in the press conference: “Jim is an outstanding talent, but also a firm football coach. His coach experience is a price for me. Jim is a very good teacher. , There is a bar well in everyday, I respect him. ”

Run Jonathan Stewart foot injury, restricted training, doubts. External hand Teddy – Jr. Jean (TED Ginn JR.) knee injury resume training. Survival of Star Lotulelei, Snorrhalley. Safety Wei Kurt – Kurt Coleman’s foot injury, did not participate in the team training, doubtful. Thomas Davis is expected to play. Corps Tillman Knee Cross ligament torn, event.

Matt-Bakley is not ready for Tim Timbo
Matt Barkley did not fear because of threats. He has stayed in the Alliance for 3 years. Although he is currently the threat of Tim Tim Tebow in Philadelphia, he is not ready to give up.

The number of black panther injuries is not much. The running guard is that Stewart can play the ground attack on the black leopard. The Jean is the relatively stable ball of the season. His injury is also attacked. The group has little effect, the defensive group lacks an experienced corner guard, which may have a lot of second-line defensive stress in the black panther.

Newton’s voice should be concerned
Cam Newton has been sought after by this season, and he is constant in the game. Although there are still many questions, criticize his voice, but this does not affect Newton to continue to show their personality. After reading the tian video in the Washington Red Leather Competition, even the fanatic “Newton Black” will not help.

Guolian partition Saihai Eagle VS black panther forward-looking (injury record)
Seattle Hawien’s National Federal Semi-finals on the Fall of the Carolina will start on January 18th. The following is the injury information summary of the two teams as of January 13.

Newton and the side referee Walt-Coleman IV’s dialogue is also fun, the latter is the son of the Famous Old Referee Walt Coleman III, this season is his body. A confident season for the referee. Coleman is short, and Newton has opened a joke, and the following is the dialogue:

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