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Cryptocurrency investment market is experiencing a jet streaming growth that reaches enormous business people who wish to invest higher funds.

Cryptocurrency exchange is deepening the roots of the crypto space, accompanied with blockchain technology and handing over astounding benefits to traders and revenue options to the businessmen.

Seeing the enormous benefits involved in centralized crypto exchanges, entrepreneurs are showing interest to start their own exchange platform.

Are you the kind of person with an idea to start up your own centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform? Here’s the infrastructure guidelines & tech specifications you need to know about.

What is a Centralized Crypto Exchange?

A centralized crypto exchange( CEX) is a digital asset trading platform that enables buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. It mainly uses the concept of middle-man or third party to conduct transactions, making higher reliability of crypto trading.


Infact, the centralized cryptocurrency Exchange is the favorite asset management platform for institutional investors due to its compliance standard and security services offered separately.

A centralized exchange system involves third party participations, APIs, services which are responsible for the platform’s security and reliability. The traders can store their crypto and fiat money in a crypto wallet and the CEX exchange records of all purchases and sales in an order book.

In simple words, centralized exchanges can be portrayed as the traditional brokerage stock markets that operate only digital assets.

Benefits of using CEX platform

There are many reasons why small scale investors and institutional investors are flooding into the investing in centralized crypto exchanges. Some of the common benefits it can offer rather than decentralized exchange.

  • Easy-to-use functionality when comparing dex.
  • Higher speed and high liquidity
  • Substantial level of security
  • Regulatory framework and scalability.
  • Insurance protected assets
  • Unique custody service for assets
  • Multiple investment opportunities.

Must have features in Centralized Exchange

As a centralized exchange operator, you should supercharge your platform with the must have features listed below.

  • Multiple crypto wallets integration
  • Interruption-less trading process
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Highly transparent custody
  • Enriched UX/UI designs
  • Faster transactions
  • High liquidity
  • Multi Currency support
  • Use of escrow
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Real time order matching system
  • Device compatibility.

Tech stack for centralized exchange development

Frontend – AngularJS,React , Javascript,Bootstrap, Vue Js

Backend – NodeJS, ExpressJS, Java, Spring, GO

Framework – Laravel, YII, MongoDB, MEAN, MERN

Mobile App- Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter

Database – MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Servers – Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode

DevOps- Kubernetes, Jenkins

Finding a centralized exchange development company

Having the portfolio by developing a good number of centralized exchanges, we positioned ourselves as the trusted partner in developing crypto exchanges. Moreover, Hivelance is recognized by industry leaders like Goodfirms as the best crypto exchange development company.

Our motto is to consider our client’s needs as a valuable asset and put maximum effort into creating and launching the CEX platform according to your requirements.

We are the team of experts in blockchain technology who can provide the most promising and groundbreaking solutions with full-focus. Users can opt for both services like development from scratch or can also choose our white label solutions. Some of our noteworthy attributes are,

  • 10+ years experienced panel of blockchain developers
  • 25+ blockchain projects delivered
  • Rendition of project on-time
  • Separate team for quality check
  • Customized outcomes
  • Hassle free trading platform development
  • Agnostic technologies inherited
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Post delivery support
  • Top-notch designs.

Readymade centralized crypto exchange solutions

Understanding the urgency and time constraints of the entrepreneurs, we came up with the idea of launching ready-made solutions to launch your crypto exchange in a centralized manner. The available centralized crypto exchange clone scripts

How to generate revenues from a CEX?

Being done with the development work of your centralized exchanges, you should figure out the business models you can use. Here we can tell you a few ways to earn money by running a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.They are listed as below.

Trading fees: This is the absolute and prominent way to earn money from CEX. By laying the transaction fees, owners of the platform can gain income from the platform.Some of these may be higher and some can be lower according to the type of platform.

Deposit/ Withdrawal fees: This is the standardized fee that is collected by crypto exchanges. Every time an user deposits or looks to withdraw funds, they have to pay a small amount of fee to the exchange. The required fee may vary depending upon every exchange.

Token listing fee: The launching of any new startup in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will begin with token listings. Token listing is essential to raise funds for the project’s development. To facilitate this service, the exchange will charge a fee from the startups.


Why Choose Hivelance for Centralized Crypto Exchange Script Software?

Hivelance is the leading Centralized Crypto Exchange Development Company that offers Centralized Crypto Exchange Script Software that can help you build your centralized exchange platform with a powerful matching engine that matches orders with the highest accuracy, allowing users to buy and sell instantly.


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