Create Organic Skin Care Products At Home For Winter!

Making your own Organic Skin Care Products sounds interesting, right? You can create a lot of healthy and effective formulations at home using some common kitchen staples. 

You can customize your products once you know the recipe. That’s the beauty of DIY formulations. You can even create Ayurvedic Skin Care Products with the right ingredients!

Heard of Body Butters? It’s a creamy moisturizing product, thicker than a body lotion.


Body Butter

Body lotions are light-weight and can be used throughout the year. They are usually water-based, but body butters have a butter base, having a very thick texture. Body Butters are suitable usually in winter or for people with very dry skin type.

If you want a bit lighter product for a silky smooth touch, buying a natural body lotion is ideal, because creating one can be a bit tricky if you are a beginner.

So, create some body butter this winter with 2 main ingredients and 5 simple steps.



  1. Butter ½ cup (unrefined, refined or crude)


  • Shea butter: It’s the softest and most recommended butter to use as a base.


  • Cocoa butter: Can be used for a natural chocolatey aroma, but avoid using it as a base. This is because it can thicken and may become rocky.


  • Mango butter: Similar to shea butter in terms of softness, but a bit grainy. You can use it in place of shea butter or along with it.


  • You can also mix and match to customize ½ cup of butter to make a perfect organic skin care product for winter.


  1. Carrier Oil: ¼ cup


You can select from one or more nourishing oils like Almond, Jojoba, Coconut and Olive. If you want your body butter to be an Ayurvedic skin care product, choose oils extracted from native Indian herbs like Bhringraj, Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha or Methi.

  1. Essential oil (optional)

Take 36 drops of any essential oil or combination of oils. This step is optional and totally depends on what additional skin care benefit or aroma you want to add in your oil.

  1. Cornstarch (optional)

Cornstarch helps to combine butters with the oils smoothly to reduce excess oiliness. It’s purpose is to enhance the absorption of your body butter into your skin.


Make sure you have all the ingredients in front of you and in the correct quantities. Now, let’s begin with this winter skin care recipe.

  1. Grab a saucepan and a glass bowl. Fill half the bowl with water and place it inside the pan. On medium heat, pour the butters in the bowl and let them melt completely.


  1. Inside a separate bowl, beat the cornflour into your carrier oils. Skip this step if you aren’t using cornflour.


  1. Remove the bowl with melted butters, carefully. Pour the carrier oil, stir to mix it properly and let it cool down a little bit. 


  1. Refrigerate it for about 30-60 minutes till it gets a bit firm and opaque, but not rocky.


  1. Add the drops of essential oils if you want to make this organic or ayurvedic skin care product more beneficial or naturally fragrant.


  1. Now blend it again with a blender, mixer or just a fork till it looks whipped.

Your body butter is now ready to make your dry skin moisturized, nourished and creamy! Enjoy your healthy natural skin care routine this winter!

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