Create the Best Camping Trip for Your Family


Taking your family on a camping trip is probably one of the best activities you can all do together as a family. However, it is important to take all the things you need on the trip and consider certain things. Therefore, we created a list for you which includes rugged laptops, sunscreen, extra tires for your car, medical aid kit and much more. Inasmuch, if you are going on a camping trip, this is the perfect article for you to read.

A Camping Trip List for Families

Keeping a family in harmony is a difficult task. However, going on family camping trips, for example, is important to teach your children how to explore and to be able to spend time together just as a family.

  • Sunscreen – Living in South Africa means that wearing sunscreen is essential for our skin to survive and be healthy. However, with that being said, we often forget this when we travel or go on holiday trips. Therefore, when you go on a camping trip, which is not always close to other shops, it is very important to pack this as you and your family will be more exposed to the sun than usual.
  • Rugged Laptop – We all know that sometimes watching a movie under the stars is a dream come true, which is something you can do on your camping trip. However, with that being said, it is important to make sure you invest in a rugged laptop so that it does not get damaged or broken during transportation or from being surrounded by nature.
  • Medical Aid Kit – Going camping means you will probably explore nature by going on walks, playing games on grass or even just being bit by an insect is far more possible than at home. Luckily, if you pack a medical aid kit, rest assured that when someone falls, gets bitten or just gets scratched by bushes, you will be able to patch things up with your medical aid kit.
  • Car – If your camping trip is in the middle of nowhere, remote or includes an offroad, having extra tools or things like tires and petrol can be vital. There is nothing worse than going on a highly anticipated holiday trip only to end up on the side of the road. In addition, we also always advise people to make sure their car has been serviced that year so that you and your family do not get stopped from your camping trip due to engine failure or other things.
  • Bugs – Yes, being in nature means there will be bugs. However, there are certain things you can implement to make sure that they do not become a problem or harass you and your family. This includes packing in insect repellents like candles, sprays or even cream that you can apply to your skin as well as a net that can be thrown over your sleeping area to ensure mosquitoes or other bugs can’t disturb you while you sleep.

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