Create The Best Converting FAQ Page For Your Website Now

It is difficult for every marketer to make the best of the customer conversion funnel. The FAQ page of a site, however, can help to make a mark. Your FAQ page comprises all the necessary details that you might be missing in all other pages. Any visitor who visits the FAQ page has most likely made up a mind for your product or service. This means that the visitor already has an opinion in mind for you; he just wants to get the minor details. Well, probably, the visitor wants to make a purchase!

Your FAQ page clarifies all the uncertainties in the mind of the visitors regarding the purchase. But wait, can your FAQ page really drive conversions? The answer to this question is in affirmation. The FAQ page is not a dull add-on to the main text. It has the power to turn conversions in your favour.

The most important quality of a good FAQ page is its purpose. If your FAQ page lacks it, it’s better you remove it from your website. Why? Because a poorly designed FAQ page with no purpose at all can compel your visitors to leave your site. Well that’s the power of a good FAQ page. Following is your guide to add an interesting FAQ page, or revamp an existing one.

  • Ask What’s Right

The FAQ section must comprise what the name suggests; frequently asked questions. Don’t mix up the extra bragging or unnecessary details in this section. Consider thinking what’s more relevant in the eyes of the visitor. What would you have asked while making a purchase from your site being a customer? What all possible doubts arise around the idea of your product or service? Do you permit return or exchange of your products? All these questions come under the tree of the FAQ page.

  • Crispy Answers Are Admired

This one is obvious. Who likes to read long, unnecessary sentences? Don’t attempt to be Shakespeare in the FAQ section. Your answers should be digestible and short. Try to comprise all the relevant information in fewer words. Make your answers specific.

Consider this point if you are still not convinced. You might be a good writer, and you have just answered an FAQ question for your site in two long paragraphs that include every minute detail. What if the extra information you have added in those paragraphs confuse your visitors further? That’s the point. Extra information can create unnecessary queries, that will probably turn your visitors off.

  • A Live Chat Window

No matter how efficient your questions and answers are, doubts can come from anywhere. Your visitors may require some extra support apart from the FAQ page. What to do? Well, in this case, you don’t have any option other than helping your visitors with the support they need. You can’t let your visitors down, can you?

A live chat window will rescue you. The basic idea is to solve the queries that might be floating in your visitors’ mind even after reading the FAQ page. Some superbly designed websites do the fun trick here. Once you land on these sites and do nothing for a few seconds, a pop-up live chat message will appear for your help. In this way, these sites amaze with their kindness whenever their visitors face any difficulty. Add a live chat window on the FAQ page to provide more ease to your visitors. They will surely get impressed with your generosity and thoughtfulness.

  • Can Your Visitors Find The FAQ Page?

Suppose you have designed an appealing FAQ page. You have added the most intellectual and relevant questions, and your answers are crisp and specific. Everything is perfect except for the fact that your visitors can’t find your FAQ page. Sounds pathetic, right?

Make sure your FAQ page is navigable. Please don’t make your visitors scroll a lot, or else they will lose interest in you. To eliminate this problem, many modern websites don’t give answers to their FAQ questions just beneath the question. All the questions are listed clearly, and the visitor would require to click on the question he wants to search for. Amazingly, this wouldn’t lead them to a new page. Instead, the menu would expand to provide the answer. This way, the visitors won’t miss out on the question they were looking for.

  • Keep SEO In Mind

Well, everything you write in the FAQ page will go on the website. Simply, use the strategies you use for the SEO game. One strategy is to use the relevant keywords related to your product or service. Add these keywords or phrases in your questions and answers. Next, you can also include questions that aren’t brand-specific but are related to your products. For instance, if you sell natural beauty products, then you can include questions like “what products are good for acne-prone skin?” This way, you can drive more traffic to your site and the FAQ page.

Final Words

Website developers often underestimate an FAQ page, but it can prove to be a real game-changer. Make use of creative strategies to generate traffic through these FAQ pages.

SOURCE:- Create The Best Converting FAQ Page For Your Website Now

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