Creating a Successful Morning Routine for Pre-Schoolers


So your little one has started preschool recently, and the mornings are overwhelming. Well, you’re not alone. Every parent, especially parents of primary kids, experience the same. Of course, those first few months of mornings of preschool can be hard. But, eventually, your little one would love to be at the day care Five Dock throughout the day. In fact, evening pick up can become nightmare for some parents as their children refuse to leave the school, especially their friends.

That said, it’s essential to get an efficient morning school routine in place for your little one’s wellbeing. When you plan and streamline your child’s morning routine, it will be less stressful for both of you. If you don’t set the routine, it may not get any better later in the school year.

Create an Effective Morning Routine with These Tips:-

Ensure Your Kid Is Getting Enough Sleep

The key to waking up early is getting enough sleep. You can’t understate the importance of sleep. Is your kid getting enough sleep? A two-year- old who needs to be up by 7 am to reach the child care Five Dock on time, needs to hit the bed around 7 pm. Yes, they have to sleep for 12 hours to be active the next day. So, make sure your kid is getting enough sleep.

Prepare the Night Before

Preparing the night before will help the mornings hassle-free. By planning the day before night can minimise the number of responsibilities in the morning.

• Get the ingredients to prepare breakfast and lunch for your kid (if you are planning to give them homemade food).

• Choose the clothes the night before or keep a selection of clothes so that you can quickly choose the outfit in the morning.

• Check what your child needs for the next day.

• Get the school essentials and pack the bags the night before so that you don’t have to search for extra clothes, snacks box, books, stationery, etc.

Set a Routine

• 7.00 am: Wake up your child, brush, and bathe

• 7.30 am: give them breakfast

• 8.00 am: get them dressed and put on shoes

• 8.15 am: pack their bag, lunch, and snack box, and other school essentials

• 8.30 am: you and your child hop into the car and leave for school

Stay Calm

Mornings are always hectic. But, kids can sense when you rush, frantic and they will slow down. Try to stay calm and get connected. It’s okay if they are late for school. They are just starting and will accommodate the routine very soon.

Early learning Five Dock could be fun and beneficial in many ways. The first few months are always hard and frustrating. Hang on; you both will be there over time.

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