Creative business Affiliate Marketing or How to sell a Creative Artist?

How to “sell” a novice artist and provide his business venture with orders? I think that the following case can open the door not only to artists, but also provide start-ups for any small business, if you correctly position yourself to the target audience and not follow the templates.

How to start marketing a private entrepreneur engaged in creative production?

1. Website on the Internet – an online marketing channel

A site is simply necessary! There are a large number of private entrepreneurs who have only an online sales channel, are only represented on the Internet and sell their products via the Internet.

Just making a website is not enough. Are needed:
correctly created content (about this, partially see paragraph eight;
the correct positioning of your product (see clause 3);
work to popularize it on the Internet.
2. Social sites
A social marketing channel is not only facebook, but also forums, blogs of those who write about the same.

2.1 Social networks. You need actively working social groups of similar subjects. It is unlikely that you will promote your own specially created page (but you also need to have one), but the constant presence on the sites of interior design, “hand mad”, posts with photos of your work, videos about how you do it are a must.

2.2 Forums. Comment on and answer the questions of housewives about how to do something and how to arrange something. Give examples, attach pictures and … quietly palm off the announcements of your work.

2.3 Blogs (own sites, pages on Lifejournal, etc.). It’s about the popular blogs of designers, interior designers, developers, those who equip a country house … in general, all those who, as you think, write something similar.

You need YOUR posts on their blogs (guest posts) and THEIR posts about you. It’s very difficult to get into their blogs. Write tearful letters and ask for a great professional to help a woman and a novice colleague in marketing. Let them review your works, criticize them, if they really need to be praised and patronized, but indicating your authorship and giving examples of the work.

2.4 U-tube. Make a video channel about your work, about how you do it – the nuances of production and creativity, overwhelm other people’s interesting videos. Your task is to look like a affiliate marketing expert, ace, “artist from God.”
3. Sale announcement
It is very important through an ad and on the site to sell not what you produce, but what BUYERS are looking for – this is the foundation of good marketing. Pay attention to it! It is very important to correctly name what you are selling. See, for an example, everyone is buying MATTRESSES, and there is no need to sell MATTRESSES. It’s not a fact that everyone is looking for a “coffee table” on the Internet, for example, but what are they looking for?

4. Department or shop of copyright works
Keep thinking! I’m serious…. If, for example, you somehow climb into the GUM in Moscow or in the Passage in St. Petersburg, somewhere in Kiev on Khreshchatyk, this point will provide you with comfort and fame, unless, of course, you do something really worthy of attention and the bohemian elite, for the sophisticated and connoisseurs. It is unlikely that I will give here any practical advice, except, perhaps, one thing – do not think about the scheme: sale through rent. Look for other schemes: renting what shops cannot hand over to “normal” retailers: stairs, toilets, fastening a table vertically on a wall – that’s ridiculous for taking money. Read about the circuit described in clause 6 below.
5. Look for any free and budget sites to exhibit your work.
I give only a vector:
unions of young artists, their annual exhibitions and performances;
programs to support the creativity of political parties;
any government support programs, western grants;
municipal art exhibitions, entrepreneurship at which government officials report on work with the public and on the creativity of the masses;
weekend fairs and festivities on squares and squares, but you need not “collective farm markets”, but something more decent and “more enthusiastic”;
beg, beg your friends – owners of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, hotel lounges, FOR TIME to put a demo exposition of your works (one work + photo gallery + handout leaflets). But just understand that the places where the “creative” and the “rich” go are not municipal cinemas or cafes and snack bars.

This point of your marketing plan is the most laborious and the most ineffective, but it also opens up prospects – at the same time. If something works out for you here – this is a great start, which means that after clenching your teeth, try all this and look for it, do not give a damn about your feelings.

6. Put on sale in stores
Get away from the circuits !! Let the task “put on implementation” be combined with the solution of other tasks. Consider the idea of ​​working with stores in several planes at once: put it on sale and pay for the space that your product occupies. Yes, directly and clearly propose: “Let the month stand. If it’s not for sale, I will take and pay you such and such an amount. ” In a month, come to another store and do the same with it – in the end you will immediately (!) Get the solution to problems 5, 6, 7. Naturally, cry that there is not enough money, please, to reduce the cost of such an “rental” of exhibition space for your exposure.

7. PR for marketing purposes
Partly continuing the topic of Section 2.4 and a little more and a little about another …

7.1 Accept the fact that they want to see, hear, but not read about creativity. All creative people are visualists, buyers need to show, pour into the eyes and ears the fog from “WOW!” Is in trend, and the singer has such and such, and the politician praised such and such, the works are done in such and such style and presented in such a boutique. ”

7.2 You must become a fashionable artist! You can be fashionable, but you can be known! To be fashionable is when people speak of you as fashionable, to be fashionable is when you spread the rumor that fashionable people consider you fashionable. Therefore:
Take pictures with famous people in any way. Just upload photos (p1-4), do not comment on anything – let the photos themselves, and not you, speak about your involvement in trends, elite, fame;
if you do step 7, it will allow you to say that “my product is in such a fashion boutique, shop, place, you can see for yourself”;
give your work to someone known who will appreciate it, will allow you to take a picture with you against the background of your work;
use every opportunity somewhere to write something, comment, but … from a third party with a link to you – as “the artist most popular (fashionable) today”, to your work – as a trend! If you link on the Internet, then accept the fact that you won’t be allowed to link to your site anyway – just PR yourself;
and make a name for yourself. That is, each work should have your coordinates, everywhere, with any communication p. 1-7 should be your name.  8) If you are doing an exclusive, then most likely the NAME of the exclusive should be the name of the company that is engaged in the industrial manufacture of something. Exclusive – this is a piece of goods and personalized, both in relation to the buyer, and in relation to who made it. Let it be your name.

8. Make flyers
Flyers are not big flyers with a story about your work and about all of p. 7. It is convenient to use leaflets instead of business cards, to “forget” in a cafe on a table, at a car wash and car service, at an exhibition, in a conservatory, etc. Flyers are also a tool of some kind of “word of mouth” marketing, when your friends can help you in promotion.

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