Creative Gifts for Mom and Baby this Spring

If you wrap baby’s first spring and Mother’s Day into one celebration throughout the month of May, there are plenty of fun yet practical gifts to be had. All moms appreciate gifts that make their lives easier while also making them feel special. April showers brought us May flowers, so let’s take a look at what else the season can bring you and your baby.


If your baby is crawling all over the place by now or just starting to figure it out, you want to protect her cute little knees, especially if your baby is going to be outside on the grass or pavement this spring.Easy Kneezies are perfect for a baby explorer. They slide on like socks and have a soft pad in the knee area. Kneezies protect your baby’s knees while still allowing for carefree movement and giving you peace of mind. They come in playful designs, which gives them a stylish edge over a regular old knee pad. When you’re thinking about great baby gift ideas for yourself or a friend having a baby, put Kneezies on your list.

Keepsake Kits

To remember those special moments and “firsts” in life, every parent should have a place to put their baby’s treasures. A keepsake box can be kept forever and passed on from one generation to the next. Some keepsake boxes have separate compartments that hold a baby’s first tooth, first curl, first pair of baby shoes, hospital bracelets, and other treasures. It makes an excellent gift for a new mom or parents so they can preserve special memories.

Activity Bibs

Add playtime to mealtime with an adorable bib that keeps your baby clean and stimulated with textures and activities. It’s a pretty ingenious idea to create a wearable item that also provides something fun to look at or do. Some of the best activity bibs are animal-themed and have a teething ring, a holder for a pacifier, a squeaky toy, textured tabs, and other fun opportunities for mommy and baby to play and bond. In-between bites of food, baby can play, and mom can relax a little.

Fancy Feet

Cozy booties are to be enjoyed year-round, but adding a new spring pair to the collection is a sure way to get off on the right foot. Your child is sure to get a giggle from farm-themed booties. Keep your baby’s piggies warm and comfortable with adorable booties that encourage bonding over classic farm animals such as cows, sheep, horses, and, of course, pigs.

Plush Animals

Mothers are great cuddlers, but when she can’t be there, her baby needs a soft toy to snuggle up to. A baby’s first plushanimal is a timeless memento and is often a companion for life. Look for custom-curated selections that are super soft and feature cute animals and characters, along with thoughtful sentiments. As a mom, you will appreciate the comfort your baby gets from his very first plush toy. Special plush animals also make great birthday gifts for children of any age.

Overall, delighting your baby’s senses with toys, bibs, and apparel that arefun and practical are great ways to usher in spring and celebrate all of life’s moments.


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