Creative Strategy in Advertising

Adzze is the leading provider of In-Hand Advertising. The media that place your brand in the hand of the consumer.  Adzze has helped companies reach consumers by placing their brand in the hand of the consumer, creating an environment that encourages brand loyalty and purchases. As the media that place your brand in the hand of the consumer, this is one of a kind promotional tool. We provide a wide range of solutions like Ambient Advertising, Guerilla Marketing, Viral Marketing, Advertising on Pharmacy Bags, Bar Coaster Advertising and Coffee Cup Advertising so that you can create a brand awareness for your product or service without spending a cent.

Creative Strategy in Advertising

Adzze provides exceptional service and quality for every event, be it a small or large scale promotion. The media that place your brand in the hand of the consumer with Ambient Advertising, Guerilla Marketing, Viral Marketing and more. Our unique advertising solutions are placed on your products to create an ongoing relationship with consumers, market your product and generate sales.  Adzze believes that you can reach more people by placing your tag line in the hands of the consumer.


Most businesses spend a great deal of money on advertising, which affects their business strategy. The advertising agency plays an important role in the success of businesses by taking care of all these tasks for its customers, starting with creating the right ad message to be carried in the media, choosing the right media and finally meeting the targets.


Create a strong brand by implementing advertising campaigns that create awareness of your product or service and inform the target audience about your company. The first step in creating a successful campaign is to pick the best media to carry out your message. Each medium has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that you choose one that fits your brand image and deliverable goals. Advertising agencies are the best place to make your message heard by the right target audience.


Moving into the new age of advertising, Adzze provides new ways to advertise your business. With door hanger ads, in house signs and window stickers, we’re committed to providing you with effective ways to attract customers while they are in the home.


In-hand advertising is creating new age advertising methods as seen at Adzze, will not only attract more clients but will effectively engineer the on-boarding of major businesses as many begin to see the tremendous benefit of in-home advertising. With innovative methods such as ads placement on door hangers.


The digital age has changed the old ways of getting people to see your brand. Now it’s all about getting your product, service or message directly into the hands of real consumers. If you’re looking for a way to reach your customers and promote your products, check out In-Hand Advertising. We can help you promote your company at every touch point with your audience, while they are still engaged with your brand.

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