Creative Ways to Use Greaseproof Paper This Christmas


As we start to embrace the festive season, printed greaseproof paper is an essential tool that comes in handy during all the preparation and cooking. From wrapping presents to making yummy Christmas desserts, you’ll be using greaseproof paper in almost every way imaginable! To help you out this Christmas, here are a few creative ways to use greaseproof paper this year.

As Gift Wrap

Grease proof paper is an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative for gift wrapping. It can be found in the kitchen aisle of most major grocery stores and comes in a variety of colours. Wrap your gifts with greaseproof paper and tie them up with a ribbon or twine for a festive look that is easy on the environment!

As A Tree Skirt

This is one of the simplest ways to use greaseproof paper. Simply cut a piece that’s long enough for your tree skirt and wide enough to fit around the base of the tree stand. Then, you can either glue it into place or just fold it around the edges and staple on any extra pieces that need reinforcement. If you have any leftover greaseproof paper left over, there are plenty more ideas where this came from!

As A Tablecloth

Greaseproof paper can be used as a tablecloth for those who are hosting a small, intimate dinner this holiday season.

As Place Mats

Greaseproof paper is a great alternative to expensive tablecloths and can be used as a place mat. Put it on top of the dining table, add some candles and you’re good to go!

As stockings

Greaseproof paper is one of the most underutilized materials in our kitchens, but it is perfect for making stockings this Christmas. You can decorate with paint or markers and add bells or other decorations.

As a Advent calendar

Grease proof paper is a great material for making Advent calendars, not only because you can use your own creativity to make the calendar as pretty or simple as you like but also because it’s cheap, easy and can be reused.

As a wreath

You’ll need: -Grease proof paper -Ribbon or twine (optional) -A wreath frame with a hook (optional) Arrange the greaseproof paper into a circular shape and tie the ends together. Then cut away any excess and secure it with ribbon or twine. Hang the wreath on your door using a hook, or use it as an alternative to wrapping paper on gifts.

As A Table Runner

Grease-proof paper is perfect for a table runner because it’s cheap, easy to find in stores (or online), and is durable. Plus, it’s grease-resistant so you can use it with hot dishes without fear of stains or spills.

As ornaments

Grease-proof paper from one of the leading printed greaseproof paper suppliers can make an adorable and easy DIY ornament.

As A Photo Backdrop

Greaseproof paper is a versatile material, and can be used as a background for pictures.


Printer greaseproof paper can be used in many creative ways this Christmas. From gift wrapping to festive table decorations, there are plenty of ideas for using greaseproof paper this holiday season. All you have to do is, do purchase the printer greaseproof paper at the right place.

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