Creative writing harder than writing an essay.

creative writing

An essay can reveal a whole story and be very descriptive, but there is no running away from the complicated and quick rules near creating an article. Creative writing, on the other hand, is where the essay writers go to let themselves go. Anyone can write essay writing creatively, and creative writing is the place where the storytellers and poets go to shine.

Types of creative writing.

In Creative Writing, there is no limit at all. This kind of writing can be added up with poetry that is rightly structured as a limerick or a haiku but can also be a memoir, short story, or narrative essay. Some of the kinds of articles are written in the first person, some in the second and in the third too. The freedom to express yourself and convey your message is intensely felt in many creative writing forms.

Creative writing is a more excellent umbrella with which an unlimited amount of concepts and ideas can be revealed using any kind of writing style or structure imaginable.

Poetry writing is a version of creative writing and usually gets done on the same day. Some of the articles were relatively easy in creative writing, but the others were quite difficult.

Essay Writing.

Essays typically stick to a specific subject or thesis statement. The body paragraphs include subject sentences that bring out the thesis statements or further tell a narrative story. The ending paragraph adds up the whole concept and makes inferences about them. Narrative essays are always written in the first person. And most of the essays are written in the third person. There also is a difference between the written text and the types of text. If you ask me, I do most of my writing on my computer.

I still love to write a school essay, and on the other side, I also love writing fictional stories. Even though creative writing takes time, but if it gets completed, it pays off all of the hard work you have done for your book or writing.

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You need to think about your readers.

In creative writing, within any kind of writing, your reader is your most essential consideration. You have to know and realize whom you are writing for if you will do a good job and keep them interested. You have to think for a moment about the kind of person you will write an essay for and what you need to do or write, especially for them.

If you are going to write for your teacher or lecturer, as they will be marking your creative writing, so you need to answer their queries effectively. Also, they set the questions, and they also have the idea that how you are going to answer their questions. Hence, it would be best if you got them unpredictable and with being original by surprising them with unusual approaches.

They will be getting to read all of the other answers to the same questions. So they might get bored until they get to your answers. So it would be best if you kept them interested.

They may have got pressed for time. And they would not have the time to reread the poorly written answers in order to understand what’s written and what you are going to say. So it would be best if you kept your answers easy to read and to the point.

These points get to the importance of captivating your readers in what you are going to say, as creative writing is all about keeping the readers interested.

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