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In the world of cricket, T20 has revolutionized the entire concept of cricket and IPL has changed the perception of T20. The IPL Betting Tip has refashioned the intellection of betting cosmos.

IPL- Indian Premier League

IPL- Indian Premier League, the first of its kind in T20 cricket, is one of the first regional level T20 cricket leagues that has international recognition and acclamation. BCCI founded it in 2007. From that year to till now, it has never seen any drop in popularity. Year by year its fame and sponsorship is increasing. The IPL is so prevalent in India that it is termed –

Team Auction

IPL started with eight teams and later increase to 13. At present, the IPL has eight teams. The teams that have been dropped subsequently are Deccan Charger, Gujrat Lions, Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Pune Warriors India, Rising Pune Supergiant. Out of 13 teams played in all season so far, Mumbai Indians remained the most successful team winning three titles. Other most successful teams are Kolkata Night Rider and Chennai Super King. Both the teams have won two matches each. Rajasthan Royals won the first season which was called “Underdogs”. Cricket Betting Tips Free

IPL Betting Tip

Betting in India is assimilated in such a way that it’s in Indian’s organic nature to bet on anything. Cricket Betting is no more cold fish. And IPL betting and IPL betting tip are the hot cake in every year. Not in India but punters from all around the world including Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Middle East, and the United States of America bet in IPL. IPL is known for betting paradise in the sophisticated community of tippers and fixers. But one name genuinely respected in the Commonwealth of tippers is Faizal Guru. He has more than five years of expertise in the field of cricket betting tips in various format of cricket. He is an incontrovertible star in the tipper macrocosm.

Accuracy in IPL Betting Tip

The unpredictability and uncertainty are the bedrock of Cricket. This perplexity causes huge loss of punters money. Where the well know and experienced tippers have a success rate of below 70%, Faizal Guru has registered more than 95% success rate in all IPL betting tip. From the toss prediction to man of the match award, Faizal Guru has outperformed in all sectors of Cricket betting tips. Guru has helped a number of tippers to recover their losses. Even in the crucial phase of matches where tippers change their report just to prove themselves right, Faizal Guru has always believed in his report and at the end, his report passed. If you have followed cricket betting report closely, you will find a number of instances on his website where Guru has adamantly stuck to his report till the end of the match and the same report get passed.

Apart from IPL, Big Bash League is another landmark in the tipping career of Guru. The accuracy rate in this Big Bash 2018 was more than 98%. Even in BPL 2017, the accuracy was around 100%. In KPL and TNPL also the success rate was near 100%. Therefore, my punters are seldom at a loss. Free IPL Tips

The Intricacy in Betting

IPL is considered as the hardest league in terms of match prediction. One cannot predict the winner easily in any match of IPL. The versatility of team and the selection of the best player in every team poses great confusion among tippers. The IPL Betting Tips is the real test of the competence of any best tipper. IPL is the only league in the world which has a high number of JACKPOT match in every season. The jackpot call is not a piece of cake as it involves maximum money on a bet on that particular cricket match day.

Tippers giving IPL Betting Tip

A number of tippers mushroom around at the time of IPL providing Cricket Betting Tips. They don’t have any fixed report but their fees are so low that punters get into their trap. This costs them mentally, financially, and psychologically. They lose so much that sometimes their entire IPL finishes just to recover their loss. Faizal Guru has seen numbers of such cases. So, he always suggests in almost every post not to fall into the trap of such tippers.

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