Crisis Communication Tips For Property Management Firms

Countrywide property managers are struggling to cope with the emerging pandemic and to protect tenants and owners from the consequences. Between addressing service problems to filling vacant units dealing with rent deferral demands in a manner that is safe for both staff and tenants, property managers have a lot on their plates.

Social networking has been among the best methods for COVID-19 crisis communication. Although maintaining an updated website and company listing page is essential, customers search for real-time updates on your company as well as connecting with your brand on social media. Following are some COVID-19 guidelines for property management companies which are also best practices in reputation management – 

  • Convey Information

Social networking is the ideal medium for making time-sensitive announcements and relaying business knowledge. For example, if you adjust your business hours in person, the rent payment process, or how you will view available assets, your business can post about it on social media and answer clarifying questions.

  • Be Inspiring

Those are difficult times, and many customers are searching for some inspiration from the brands they trust. Besides providing timely updates, you can also offer some topical posts about helping others or anything else that might inspire readers.

  • Continue to Engage

Your property management business can also use social media to engage with its audience and enhance engagement. Ask questions, create surveys, or even have a contest that involves people.

  • Share positive feedback

People are running businesses even during a pandemic, spending more time at home, and continuing to interact with the brands. You can use social media to emphasise any positive reviews you get and show consumers that their views matter.

  • Be positive

If owners, tenants, and even business partners want a fast response to a question or a problem answered, they can turn to social media rather than picking up the phone. Pecisely why it is essential to have a social media management program in place. In a pandemic, tracking social media and reacting to inquiries rapidly and accurately is more critical than ever. It is crucial crisis communication planning is in place.

While 2020 has dramatically changed the market environment, it has already shifted. A greater number of customers have attached that importance to the digital presence of a company. It’s critical how the firm pivots during this period.

Simple, truthful, and accurate communication can help alleviate stress when a crisis hits and give people the details they need to make decisions. Property reputation management systems have the resources they need to gauge customer emotions, respond to problems quickly, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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