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Croma Campus Pvt. Ltd is a training organization, which is certified by ISO 9001:2015, run by highly qualified technical professionals, and associated with top-most MNCs. The organization is best in offering best-in-class training for technical platforms and certifications. The training provided to the candidates is offered by a team of certified trainers who have a minimum of ten years of industry experience.

Since the organization’s establishment, more than 18000 candidates have been trained and more than 12000 have been successfully placed in various industries. The offered courses aim at everyone including an individual to a corporate. As per the candidates’ requirements, the courses can be customized. You can check the feedback about Croma Campus at Croma Campus Complaints and know about our organization from the candidates’ point of view.

We have a huge clientele of professors and volunteers who want to start their mission by learning more about coding evaluations and ongoing developments.

Croma Campus complaints

Why Choose Croma Campus?

We have partners from various agencies and companies for helping the candidates match their skills with the required position in an organization. Not only the technical training but the training to enhance your soft skills is also provided at Croma Campus. So that you are a complete industry-ready professional. We have been serving the market for over 12 years and have more than 61,640 satisfied learners. The 250,000 hours of training and 25,000+ assignments have been provided to the date to our candidates, along with the 3,500+ projects to provide a hands-on experience on the respective technologies. We believe in providing the training based on the P3 (Placement Preparation Process) module and self-analysis test.

In the P3 module, we enroll the candidates in the courses of their choice, provide them with the required study material, make them do some assignments for practice, offer them some projects to have experience on the live projects. During the entire training procedure, it’s made sure that the candidate is under the constant guidance of the expert mentors. We conduct some grooming sessions to enhance the soft skills of the candidates. Constant help and support are offered to the candidates for the interview calls and eventually, the candidates are placed in the best organizations.

You may know more about Croma Campus at Croma Campus Complaints. The customer feedback is important as it gives the idea about the working and it’s from the people who have been associated with us. We also offer self-analysis tests for your learning process. A complete package of unlimited questions for practice on several technologies is offered. Now is the time to identify your area of interest and maximize your skills by investing your time with us.

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