CrossfireX for Xbox: What’s in Store for Fans?

This is an FPS fighter game where you won’t be able to leave your consoles. You might not have heard of this phenomenal multi-player game called Crossfire, but it is one of the most coveted games in the world. Not as popular in the English-speaking gaming world, but it is Asia’s most played FPS game. And now it is available on Xbox, and that is why you hear about it. Although they launched the PC version of the game in North America almost a decade ago, they did not try to go deeper into the territory and stayed on the surface. But with the new Xbox One version, the makers plan to enter the US market with a bang.



It is an action-packed, COD style game that will keep you on the edge of your seats as well as your controllers. The game lets you drop in and join either of two mercenary groups, called Black List or Global List. The multi-player platform offers many classic and innovative modes for different levels of skill and talent. Or you can play on the single-player mode which will be a new addition to the Xbox One version.

Remedy Entertainment is a Finnish developing company known for games like Alan Wake and Control. Five years ago, they decided to become a studio that worked on multiple projects, at the same time. While finding new games to bring to the mainstream English-speaking masses, they found this heavily played Asian FPS game, Crossfire, which has recorded numerous sales and playing accolades. Smilegate, the Korean developer and makers of Crossfire, came to them and they readily agreed. It was initially about helping them out with the narrative side of the FPS game.

Remedy is currently working on the single-player campaign as Smilegate focuses on the multiplayer platform for CrossfireX. This means that the developers want to provide fans with a delightful product. The game which has recorded 650 million players at one point, but mostly in countries like China and Japan, wants to increase its fan-base in the English-speaking gaming community. The game, despite being so popular and expensively built, will be free to play platform for everyone subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. Just download and have fun!

Since the developers announced the game at E3, they haven’t said much about the launch date or other details. All we know is that the 2020 holiday season should be an interesting one.

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