Crowd Control Barriers to Hire or Buy

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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers, or just ‘crowd barriers’ as they are also identified, are made use of at events to maintain spectators safe and ensure absolutely everyone features a superior time. They may also be made use of to make security checkpoints and to encourage persons to kind an orderly queue – to avoid queue-jumping. Get extra info about Alpha Crowd Control


Crowd control barriers provide a cost-effective and temporary security barrier. They’re able to be employed to direct pedestrians and allow calm crowd control at public events, provide safe and safe access for autos and maintain folks out of unwanted areas. Pedestrian barriers are straightforward to disassemble, store and transport.

SafeSite’s Crowd Control barriers are constructed to last. Renowned Smartweld technologies guarantees strength and durability, which meets business standards. They’ve fixed legs and feet providing a firm footing to improve balance at the same time as a flexible interlocking design.

They can be powder coated using the RAL colour of the option to match a corporate colour or theme and are entirely galvanised for rust-resistance.

We also provide retractable metal pedestrian barriers for ultra-convenient removal and storage.


Our crowd control barriers could be employed for security, crowd control and to direct members in the public at demonstrations, huge outside events and sporting matches. They’re also valuable to enable social distancing measures. At sporting events, which include operating or cycling races, crowd control barriers could possibly be made use of to line the track or roadside, in an unbroken chain, to prevent deliberate or unintentional crowd ‘participation’.

Buy or hire

Our crowd control barriers are accessible to buy or hire. SafeSite Facilities can advise around the ideal system to match your requirements at really competitive costs. We can also deliver and install barriers for the event and dismantle and collect them afterwards.

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