Crucial Driving Rules & Regulations in Sydney, Down-Under

The main focus of this post is to highlight some rudimentary driving rules and regulations in Sydney so that you can wrap your head around them and stay on the right side of the road traffic laws in this region. Go through this lucid post and recap all those driving rules once again.

No matter where you are; it always bodes well if you familiarise yourself with all the local rules, road signs and so on prior to starting the engine. However, if you have been to some other country like say the UK (or any other) where you drive on the left-side; chances are that you won’t have any issues driving anywhere in Australia.

Still, gathering know-how is important as the last thing you want is finding yourself in a spot of trouble by unknowingly breaking some road traffic law.

So, without further delay; let’s cut to the chase. Below lies some key driving rules and regulations in Sydney which you should wrap your head around to be on the right side of Road traffic law(s) in Sydney.


  • Drunken Driving Is A Big NO – If you get caught sitting behind your steering wheel in a drunken state, then you could get into big legal troubles. Not to forget; it puts a serious risk on your life whenever you drive under the influence of alcohol. So, never (ever) drive when you’ve had like 8-10 too many!
  • Have Your Driving Licence With You All Times – Not having it while cruising can cause legal complications. Moreover, if you don’t have your driving license in English; then you will need to procure an International Driving Permit.
  • Know About Your Changing Speed Limits – Different streets and highways have different speed limits for drivers to follow. So; whenever you drive upon a particular highway; you should make it a point to learn about the specific speed limit. Typically; the speed limit should not exceed by 50 km/hour and even slower (25km-40km/hour) around schools, hospitals and other areas.
  • Refrain From Using Mobiles While Driving – If you must, then make or take the call by keeping the phone on its holder. Otherwise; don’t use it while driving. Of, course, you can always park your car to a side and then make or take the call- if it’s that urgent!
  • Seat Belts Should Be Worn By Every Driver At All Times – Seat belts are a must while driving. It keeps you safe. And, it safeguards you from any legal road complication.
  • Babies And Kid (In Some States Up To 7 Years) Should Be Properly Restrained In Booster Seats– Always restrain your kid/babies using specially approved car seats or booster seats.

Final Verdict!

Try to adhere to these driving rules and regulations in Sydney as much as possible. However, if you’ve been guilty of irresponsible driving or violating any road traffic law; you need to associate with a reputed law consultancy firm in Sydney for professional, rational and applicable legal advice.

Aptly possessing all the legal knowledge and expertise; these professional solicitors will ensure you don’t face any legal hardships and will be with you in every step of your legal processing.

If you’re looking for highly qualified solicitors operating in and around Sydney with ample knowledge in traffic laws and road rules.

The author works as a part-time legal consultant in a law firm in Sydney and helps clients deal with all types of licit concerns. Besides that, the author also loves to write law-related blogs and articles to educate more and more readers about it. He also loves to eat, travel and play sports.

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