CS:GO Fans Are Still Getting the Glitches Corrected

The legendary PC Game that feels like it has been here forever, is still going strong amongst ardent fans. There are still a lot of players that prefer the tactical aspect of CS to other such games. And even though the future of the game remains dubious, there are still fans who want a cheater free and glitch-free game as much as possible. And this goes to the top of the gaming community.



In the latest development, coveted esports journalist Richard Lewis came across a glitch with the smoke grenade detonation and effectiveness. Smoke grenades are used to blind your opponents in situations of charging or tactical fights. The glitch caused prevention of blindness, so players on whom the smoke was detonated, or near whom the bombs were thrown, could see even amidst the smoke. This caused a lot of concern in the CS: GO player community.

CS:GO players have always taken glitches and cheating seriously

Fans of the classic Global Offensive multiplayer have always been cautious and wary of such glitches and unfair means. They want to play a clean game, and reasonably so, which does not give any player the chance to cheat over others. Since the game has been around for so long, there are dedicated communities on different platforms which bring such unfair practices to the forefront. And ineffective smoke grenades were bound to cause trouble in such a possessive gaming circle. Valve, the developers of the game, quickly took notice and issued a patch for the glitch.

Lewis exposed the exploit through his YouTube channel

The journalist was meticulous about issuing this in the public interest and carefully never mentions how to do the exploit. But he did say how it is extremely easy to do, and this made everyone take notice of the issue. If the player isn’t in the dead center of the smoke, they could see everything around them, negating the use of the grenade. It also somehow overruns the Valve Anti- Cheat, set up to prevent such glitches.

He uploaded a video in which the player is detonating a smoke without any after-effects. You can see clearly that the grenade makes the default sound and the shockwave that comes with it, but there are no signs of the blinding smoke. After that, he told players that the issue had been reported to the developers. And quite quickly, the problem seems to have been resolved. This shows the power of community and belief in fair-play practices and how we can use our voice to point out apparent glitches that prevent players from having a fun experience.

A lot of players were alerted and thanked Lewis

Many players commented on the video to thank him for informing them about such a colossal cheating mechanism. They also discussed other issues with the grenade detonation that needed to be looked into, but it seems they were too intricate for Valve to issue a patch update for them. This comes after we heard the news of CG: GO might be going ‘off the air’ as a switch to Source 2 engine is dicey at best.

The game is currently available on PC, and the fate of the legendary fighting game stands still. So, enjoy till it lasts!

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