CSP Application Can Be Done Online. Know how?

As the world is moving towards complete digitalization, India cannot sit back and watch. Indeed, the Government of India has taken up several projects intending to provide basic services to every citizen and digital banking is one of them. Today this facility is not limited to the big cities and towns only, but is available in the remotest part of the country through its CSP Bank Mitra BC, a public-private partnership that has tie up with several established banks.

Now you may wonder what CSP or Customer Service Point is. Also known as Bank Mitra, it is in fact a banking outlet, which is run through outsourced agencies for providing branchless banking service to common people. Customers living in remote areas can open Jandhan and RD accounts; or take advantage of programs like Atal Pension Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Insurance Schemes through them. More importantly, the scheme is expected to generate lakhs of jobs in the coming years. Therefore, if you want to take part in the development of the country and earn your living too, become a Bank Mitra. The CSP Application is easy, the minimum educational qualification being the 10th standard result.

For making CSP application, you need to be above eighteen years old and have rudimentary knowledge in computer and banking. However, you will have to pass a simple screening test process as per the requirement of the particular bank. You will also have to own a retail outlet, a personal computer, printer and internet connectivity. If you have them, you can readily start your Kiosk Bank.

If you are not aware of it, know that Kiosk bank is a recent development introduced by the Reserve Bank of India and the Customer Service Point that we have been talking about is only a part of it. It was designed in such a way that customers can take advantage of several banking facilities without actually visiting the bank, thus bring in a large portion of the population, who would have otherwise remained out of banking system, under it.

Now, let us see what the specific duties of a Bank Mitra or CSP are. In general, it is expected to undertake 30 types of transactions/business, most important of which is helping the customers to open a ‘no frill account’, even if they have no documents.  A Bank Mitra is also expected to help them deposit and withdraw cash, provide insurance services like Micro Insurance, Suraksha Beema and Jeevan Jyoti Beema etc. However, providing branchless banking service is only a part of his income. It also provides other revenue opportunities as well.

A Customer Service Point is also recognized by a travel agent by IRCTC, thus providing opportunity to earn commissions by selling train tickets across India. They are also entitled to pay all kinds utility bills for their customers, which can also provide a lucrative source of income. Recharge services also provide another income source. Therefore you see, Kiosk Bank is not only beneficial to the general public, but is also a great income generator.

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