CSP Banking: Eligibility, Document Requirements and Registration Procedure

On April 26, 2010, the Reserve Bank of India issued several approval guidelines. These guidelines require banks to provide banking services to all citizens. The service will be available through the Shared Service Center. However, it became official on February 15, 2011, when Swabiman’s plans were announced. This was also part of the economic inclusion.

This article will reveal information about eligibility, documents and process to get Bank Mitra Registration.

Know about CSP Mitra Banks

Mitra Bank is a commercial correspondent who is a remote CSP. Mitra Bank CSP provides general services to agents in various disciplines. They serve the kiosk banking service. This is convenient because you can access banking services from anywhere. Mitra Bank makes it easy for people to understand and use these services. Bank CSP Provider helps people who have no knowledge of opening an account. Alternatively, maintain a bank account or make a transaction.
Registering with MitraBank is very easy. This article will assist you with the complete registration procedure to CSP Bank Mitra Sharing Service Center for all banks such as HDFC Bank, UCO Bank etc.

CSP: Criteria for eligibility for banking

If you want to be Mitra Bank, according to CSP, there are eligibility criteria. If you clear the eligibility criteria, you can continue to register for Bank Mitra BC Apply. Let’s see who is eligible to get Bank Mitra Registration.

The following persons or entities may be Mitra Bank

•    Post office
•    Registered bank clerk
•    ex-servicemen
•    Microfinance company
•    Panchayati
•    the village knowledge centre
•    Agent for the insurance company
•    retired government employee

The following requirements must be followed to get CSP bank Mitra registration

•    Candidates must have a computer or laptop and a working internet connection.
•    Graduates need space to work. At least 100 square meters.
•    Candidates must have a printer and a scanner.

Necessary documents required to get Bank Mitra Registration

Once you are qualified and know you want to apply, you will need to prepare certain documents. Below are the required documents during the application process.

•    Officially completed application form
•    Identity (Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, etc.)
•    housing certificate
•    Personal certificate / no objection certificate
•    Certificate of education (highest qualification)
•    Cancelled check (desired savings bank)
•    2 personal photos in passport size
•    Interior and exterior photos and location maps of Mitra Bank Center.
•    The IIBF certificate and the IIBF certificate can be obtained after appearing for the exam.

So these are the necessary documents that you need with your application.

CSP Bank Mitra registration process

To become a CSP bank Mitra, you can get Bank Mitra Registration following these steps:

Step 1: Visit https://register.CSP.gov.in/register to start your Bank Mitra Registration.

Step 2: Click on VLE Registration and select a new user. Then click Submit.

Step 3: Log in with the ID and password you created in Step 1.

Step 4: Select a new user and enter all the necessary details, such as personal information. It also includes hardware and other details.

Step 5: Upload all documents.

Step 6: Submit your application.

When you finish applying, you will receive an 11-digit registration number. This is a reference number. The district manager will come to the BC Center for confirmation.

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