Cummine Engine Faults and Troubleshooting

Cummins engine is well-built and more powerful that can be faulty sometimes. These engines are the most powerful running on the road that get fewer troubles in the way such as clogged fuel filters, camshaft flattening, and fuel pump issues. They are operated by the Cummins software to improve performance.

We have listed a few common troubles of engine and its diagnosis


  • Fails to start and exhaust pipe creating ash and white smoke

When the engine and exhaust pipe do not start it tends to discharge gray smoke that is known as diesel vapor. The temperature of the engine is low, and the supply of oil is late.


  • The Engine temperature is too low in the cold season, check whether the low temperature beginning preheating gadget fizzles, that is, regardless of whether the preheated control circuit has an open circuit, impede preheated disappointment.
  • If the low temperature preheating gadget is ordinary, check whether the infusion timing is right. Turn the motor and supplement the motor camshaft timing pin, that is, the point at which it is situated at the upper right on of chamber pressure, check whether the fuel siphon camshaft lock pin can be embedded. If it can’t be embedded, it shows that the infusion timing isn’t right and should be changed.
  • The splash nature of every chamber injector should be checked to meet the prerequisites


  • The engine has thermal starting difficulties

The virus beginning of the motor is acceptable, however, after running for a time, the temperature rises and the motor turns off. It is hard to begin again. It is primarily brought about by genuine wear of unclogged pair of fuel infusion siphon and needle valve pair of the fuel injector.

At the point when the hot vehicle begins, the fuel consistency is diminished because of the high temperature of the fuel infusion siphon and fuel channel, and the beginning rate is low, and a large portion of the diesel oil spills from the well-used hole, bringing about lacking beginning oil and unfit to begin.

  • Diagnosis

The technique for crisis end is: the vehicle is hung up and driven by different vehicles. Utilizing the speed of the vehicle to drive the fast revolution of the motor, with the goal that the diesel cannot hole, to guarantee the beginning fuel gracefully this strategy isn’t suggested, because the chamber weight of Cummins diagnostic software is moderately huge, the effect power on the associating parts when the trailer begins is huge, influencing the vehicle administration life.

  • Fault

Low Engine speed, less smoke exhaust

The low speed of the motor is acceptable, however, the speed can not be expanded at the hour of increasing speed, and the driving is feeble, which is brought about by inadequate coursing oil flexibly. The fuel infusion siphon isn’t changed appropriately, so fuel flexibility is decreased.

On account of an ordinary low-pressure oil circuit, first, check whether the level of the detachment of the quickening agent pedal interfacing pin and the length change of the associating bar are appropriately changed. At the point when the choke is ventured as far as possible and the lead representative arm is at the most extreme position, as far as possible screw should be in contact with the cutoff block. Else it should be changed. Channel the air from the oil circuit.

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