Cuphead Is Now on PlayStation!

The side-scrolling shooter, developed by Canadian developers StudioMDHR has created a cult following for itself. Launched three years ago, exclusively for Xbox, the game garnered positive responses from both critics and casual players. A run and gun video game that is based on 1930s animation style, Cuphead follows two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman as they battle their way out of different levels, fighting bosses. They are on this treacherous journey because they are working to pay off a debt taken from the devil.

Intricate storylines and increasing difficulties make the game a fun experience. And as the popularity of the game surges, MDHR and PlayStation announced a surprise launch for the Song console. The game will be launched on PS4 as of now, with a PS5 update not too far away. The developers and publishers have seen the success it can create, as it sold over three million copies in its three years of circulation. It has also won several accolades for the beautiful animation and has even inspired a Netflix animated series which is in the making currently.


With such a resume, the game was bound to make its way to Sony’s famous gaming console. This puts Cuphead on the map for so many players around the world who can now be privy to the fantastic animation the game offers.  You can play the single-player mode with Cuphead running around, or you can rope in brother Mugman in the co-op mode. In any case, the game will present tough but pretty doable challenges as you progress. Use finger guns to fight enemies as you dodge their attacks by jumping on multi-colored projectiles. And while you are fighting these bosses, there is a small progress bar at the side-bottom, which shows how close you were to beat them—a cool way to get you to try again.


The game isn’t restricted to giving you a unilateral experience. Instead, the makers want you to have a surreal experience with jazz tracks in the background and beautifully colored animations. So, gear up for a fun ride. You can buy the game at the PlayStation Store for $20.

As we await the launch of the new generation consoles by both the giants, Microsoft and Sony, late releases like these create a buzz around the older consoles that will still be used all over the world till people can afford the new ones.

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