Curtain Wall System

A wood curtain wall system can add a warm traditional feel or open contemporary look to any room in your office or home. Often a more preferred choice than a glass wall, it can be a bit more expensive. However, a wood curtain wall system can save the client substantially on labor and time compared to what fabricating a glass wall on site would cost. For example- it is quite easy to create nine inches of framing between glass on a glass wall system. Yet, with a wood curtain wall that size is reduced to 2”- resulting in seven full inches more glass for each window lite. What does that mean for you? A more expansive view and a distinctively unique window system in your home that is both elegant and breathtakingly beautiful.


At Hawkeye Windows and Doors, all of our wood curtain wall systems are engineered at the factory as a system. All wind and glass loads are calculated into the system as it is manufactured- this way you won’t need additional mulls and reinforcing at the jobsite.

One important feature that needs to be considered with your wood curtain wall system is the moisture drainage and flashing. Our system is designed and manufactured with these features in mind as it relates to moisture drainage and flashing details; which are pre-planned and outlined in the shop drawings. In contrast, glass wall units assembled on site, have the water migration and control aspects of your project handled by laborers on site.

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