Custom athletic socks

Custom athletic socks


Custom athletic socks are also called the terry/cushion/towel/ elite socks, the interior loops are same or similar as towels. Cotton athletic socks are suitable for the people who love sports, very comfortable to wear.

Athletic socks are not very hot in summer because of their fluffy knitting process and cottons’ good breath ability. Instead, they could help to absorb sweat and perspiration, anti-slipping, and keep the comfortable and hygienic when exercising.

Normally is an essential need for sports right? So people use this custom athletic socks for convenient and perfection. But we offer this custom athletic sock for various designs, logo, size, colors, etc. and also you can get with on your budget.

Otherwise, we have an excellent socks builders top provide a different texture of socks. Custom design is most demanded one but you can get easily with us. Any design, color, and logo print whatever you need, it does not matter we are providing the best products with technical printing logos. Once you place your order the socks with requirements, the manufacturer design as per your preference.

And also you can get these socks with your door on delivery. Socks are regularly wearing one so it should be quality and fashionable. So we offer these socks which suit your needs. We provide personalized and customized service for our valuable customers. Custom made wearing is the most preferable one because it comes with your guidance so you can feel comfortable while wearing.

Otherwise, we use different materials for customized your socks such as cotton, polyester, nylon, wool and many more. Then we are the ability to provide the multiple colors within a single pair of socks. Small to large size, color, packaging, shipping, etc. all these services we give special efforts for customizable. This custom cheap elite socks you can use any of your sports because we make the product with flexible.


The most tough part to be considered for different types of outdoor activities are on the feet, especially when you enter to different kinds of sports, that is why the athletic socks that could ensure the feet to be comfortable are so important.

According to technology difference, custom sport socks are divided into:
a.Custom Athletic Knit Socks
b.Custom Athletic Sublimation Socks

According to the terry/cushion position differences, custom athletic socks are divided into:
a.Full Terry/Cushion custom athletic socks
b.Half Terry/Cushion custom athletic socks
c.Select Terry/Cushion custom athletic socks

According to gender difference, custom athletic socks will be divided into:
a.Men Athletic Socks
b.Women Athletic Socks

According to ages range, they are divided into three rough types:
a.Adult Custom Elite Socks
b.Youth/Teenager Elite Socks
c.Custom Kid Elite Socks

Besides above classification, custom sports socks also could be divided according to materials difference, sport games differences etc.


Custom cotton athletic socks are suitable for all kinds of ball games (such as basketball, football, rugby, badminton, baseball, etc.), you can customize or wholesale athletic socks based on sport types & crowd. Usually they are suitable for the following occasions:

Custom Running Athletic Socks:Running socks are designed for runners who are looking for fine breathable running socks. Today’s high-performance running socks not only keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they also act as cushions to support your feet. Running elite socks provide the supports and help to prevent slipping.
All types of Sport Balls Athletic Socks:Sport ball socks can be used for a variety of ball games, such as basketball, football, baseball, rugby, badminton etc, very suitable for sport teams. And customized cheap elite socks can be designed with team’s logo, slogans, teammates and everything they want to display, it fully shows the team’s spiritual outlook and also plays a good advertising effect.
Yoga Socks:Yoga exercises mainly focus on flexibility, balance, and some difficult movements, so it is important to choose suitable Yoga socks. The bottom of the yoga socks has rubber anti-slip design to prevent slipping, and with the help of specific socks, many yoga practitioners can easily master some of the essentials of yoga, increasing the effect of yoga practice and harvest.


Athletic sport socks are loved because of their own sweat-absorbable & anti-slipping properties, and there are too many personalized elite socks that we could choose, which will make it difficult to choose the most suitable right custom socks for you.

Following are some primary aspects of choosing designed elite socks for reference:

a.Custom Cotton Elite Socks
b.Custom Polyester Elite Socks
c.Custom Acrylic Elite Socks
d.Custom Wool Elite Socks
e.Custom Coolmax Elite Socks

Nylon/Spandex/Elastic are always used together with above main materials for custom athletic socks.

The length will affect the prices of custom athletic socks, pls customize the sizes depending on the specific length you want.

Prices are usually based on the design, length and materials of customized cheap elite socks, also could give your target price range to customer managers so that they could recommend better solution for you.

Multiple colors are supported for each design, pls give Pantone color numbers (PMS) to match the same/similar yarns from factory’s yarn books.

Design formats:
PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.

Other requirements:
If having any special requirements, pls remark them too for your customer managers’ reference.

Athletic sock types: Pls make clearly the elite sock types you want to customized.
Athletic sock sizes: Pls make sure the custom elite sock lengths you want.
Patterns limitation:No patterns are allowed to be on toes/cuffs/heels for knitted socks. No patterns are allowed to be on toes for printing/sublimation socks.
Colors limitation:Generally speaking, the less complex the designs, the better the socks execute. Usually, no more than 6 colors in a dress sock per design, and maximum 5 colors for athletic sock per design. (above colors including sock body color). For some complex/special designs which exceeds the above color quantities, pls check the designs with our customer mangers.
Packages:Pls make clearly the packing methods, g tags, wraps or gift boxes etc if having special packing requirements.


Customize your project with our easy to use DIY tool.

Already know what you need? Our do-it-yourself ordering tool will walk you through the ordering process and we’ll get started on your project today!



We are professional socks manufacturer for custom athletic socks, with 9+ years customized experiences & more than 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets. For each custom elite sock inquiry, we will have professional customer manager serve for you and do the specific custom sock solution according to your detailed requirements.

Besides these, our following advantages for your reference:
Small Minimum—– 100 pairs per design/size/color for Custom knee socks
Shorter turnaround time—–3~7 days for sampling, 2~3 weeks for production.
Colors——1000+ in-stock yarn colors & custom dyeing, usually match 4~5 PMS colors.
Technology—–84, 96, 120, 144, 168, 176, 200 needle machine and printing machine available.
Packaging—— Custom design packaging (label, tag, gift box etc.)
Shipping — DHL, UPS, FedEx 2 days urgent and 7 days economic service.

Welcome to inquiry for custom sock wholesalers, distributors, retailers etc.

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