Custom team socks

Custom team socks

Basketball is one of the timeless sport that never seems to fall out of fashion. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it is important to have the right gear. When you spend days or weeks trying to find out a new basketball shoe that fits your feet, a pair of wrong Men’s basketball socks like thin and check suit socks make you uncomfortable in the start and even influence your mood throughout the process. However, everything will go smoothly if you get a pair of performance socks before play, which really makes a difference. Here below are the most important ones to consider in all things when you are looking for elite basketball socks.


Understanding the material is the first thing before custom elite socks or shopping in that various material socks can benefit you differently. Performance basketball socks are usually made of diverse mixes of cotton, nylon, and spandex. Acrylic is a highly durable man-made fiber that provides softness and warmth with little weight. Acrylic’s inherent properties enable it to hold brighter and more brilliant colors than natural fibers. Cotton is a strong, soft sock fiber that is comfortable to wear in all types of weather. But you need to avoid wearing 100% cotton socks to play basketball in that they can soak up an uneven amount of moisture and lose shape fast after a few miles of running. Nylon, a popular polymer, is stronger than other synthetics because it can undergo a lot of stretching and pull. Therefore, you may see the socks instruction manual for comprising 18% to 25% in all material. Spandex is a light, “super” waterproof fiber and frequently add to sock to assist them to stay the shape. Usually, only a small percentage (2% to 5%) of the sock’s fabric content is made up of these materials. Professional socks manufacturers usually choose to blend some synthetic fibers like nylon and spandex into the weave instead of 100% cotton sock or acrylic sock, so you can have the best of both words for the softness and durability of cotton or acrylic, along with the elasticity and high waterproof synthetics.


A key part of buying new socks is deciding what length is the right one for you and the activities you have planned! Socks are created in various lengths:
No-show socks are just enough to cover the foot and popular for wearing in hot weather;
Ankle socks are below the ankles and popular among men with trendy sneakers and women who like a cute look with flats, heels, or sandals;
Crew socks are cover from the top of the ankle to below the beginning of the calf muscle;
Mid-calf socks are ended at the middle of the calves and usually saw in the office and on some formal occasions;
Knee-high socks go all the way up to the knee.

In the ’80s and ’90s, knee-high socks were a popular uniform accessory for girls, and they were even a part of the British Army uniform. At the same time, there was a time when basketball players wore knee-high socks, which are completely out of fashion now and have been replaced by compression pants. For outdoor physical activities like playing basketball, crew socks gone up to your calf muscles can give excellent protection and coverage. Crew length socks are about six to eight inches long, so custom crew socks are a nice option provided you hesitate the socks online as a socks technician can run the socks depended on the length of your legs.


After knowing the best material and length of basketball socks, you may run around different online shops to look for the pattern, which is so troublesome and would consume your much free time. YOUR KNITTED. LTD is a professional socks company with 10 years of experience in the socks industry. We have own factory, outstanding sales, and professional technician, who can custom socks with logo or custom socks printing specially for you after you upload your own art/image file or create a design to our sales after selecting a sock style. For custom socks with logo, we can run 6 colors included based socks and 8 colors for stripe pattern, the production will be started after the draw proof approved by you; For customs socks printing, we start with blank socks and specialize in pattern to create fun one-of-a-kind custom printed socks. We have the best selection of sock styles for men, women, and kids for all your custom socks bulk needs. Additionally, the design is limitless, should you have any questions for custom basketball socks, please kindly feel free to contact us.

After reading the above info for the material, length, and pattern, you can commence the journey customized your own basketball socks, please go ahead!

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