Customer Journey Maps for B2B Website

Business to business sales (B2B) requires attractive websites to produce sales, to ensure their website is functional and optimized so they use customer journey maps. Customer journey maps allow you to see the pages visited by each customer, in what order and how long they spent on each page. By using this technology, you will be able to improve your website, making it more functional for customers and creating more sales. Let’s look at some examples of how B2B customer journey mapping can help you improve your website.

The most important thing a B2B customer journey map shows is what pages’ people like and dislike. If you notice that multiple people are clicking off the website at the same page, this is generally a sign that something is wrong and may even be costing you sales. For example, if you see people repeatedly leaving the website when reading product descriptions, this might be a sign that these pages aren’t making the product sound appealing. By fixing this problem, you might find people are more likely to purchase the product. Additionally, if you notice that most people spend a long time engaging with one type of content, this is generally a good indicator that they are enjoying themselves. You can then focus on creating more of this content to attract new customers. Getting customers to the website is often one of the hardest parts of the sales funnel.

Most B2B businesses have a long sales funnel, often relying extensively on the website. A sales funnel relies on people viewing web pages in a certain order. For example, they must first become aware of the problem, then aware of how your product can help them solve it, finally, they need to purchase the product or service. This is especially important in B2B businesses as many businesses won’t pay for a product or service until they are convinced that it will provide value to them. Studying the B2B customer journey will allow you to see how the sales funnel on your website is working. For example, are people skipping steps? Is a large group of people clicking off on the same step, preventing sales? Though studying a B2B customer journey map you will be able to find answers to these questions and create strategies to solve any problems you find in your sales funnel.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what a B2B customer journey is and how it can help improve your website. With nearly every business having a website, customers have come to expect an optimized, enjoyable experience with a B2B customer journey map can help deliver. Like many other tools, this analysis should be regularly conducted, about every six months. By doing this you will be able to evolve with the market, continually catering to your customers’ needs and generating sales. You’ll also be able to spot and fix problems on your website, optimizing the experience for users. So, start B2B customer journey mapping your website today.

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