Customized On-Site EP Training in Texas

The Electrophysiology lab presents unique and complex challenges for staff members. Lightbulb Cardiac bridges the gap between concept and daily application.   Customized On-Site EP Training in Texas

Our mission is to drastically improve patient outcomes, employee onboarding time, and overall lab performance.

Our values that drive success


Transforming EP labs by streamlining curriculum and raising standards. We are dedicated to changing existing methods where change is needed most.


Working in tandem with medical professionals and institutions to bring radical improvements to lab operations. We believe in working together to bring long-term success.  Core Staff Lab Training Texas

Commitment to Service

Tailoring packages to suit customer needs. We build a unique relationship with each client to put their specific goals first.


Delivering a valuable training service with tangible outcomes. We promise to bring positive, practical change to lab staff and customer experiences.

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