Cute Ideas For Your Little Princess’ Birthday Decorations

A girl child is one of a kind. She merits all of your adoration and consideration. Surprise your little princess with these birthday decorations in Mumbai.

Mermaid Theme Kids Canopy

The lovely Mermaid Theme Party Decoration consists of an arch of pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel green, white latex, silver chrome, and purple chrome balloons, a silver cursive Happy Birthday bunting, Mermaid Theme Foil Balloons, a Pillar of mixed color balloons, 10 free floating balloons, Pixel Lights, and a bed sheet. When you put it all together, you get the best Canopy decor fit for a Mermaid theme!

Barbie Theme Birthday Decor

Among the many cute elements of this decoration are a 5-foot canopy draped in 6-meters of white net, an arch of pink pastel and latex balloons, Barbie-themed cutouts, a lipstick foil balloon, a Happy Birthday cursive bunting, and pixel lights. When you assemble everything, you’ll have the perfect canopy embellishment!

Makeup Theme Birthday Decor

The Makeup Kids Theme Canopy is an eye-catching structure that features a 5-foot canopy draped in 6-meters of white net and white artificial flowers, as well as an arch constructed of pink pastel, white latex, purple pastel, and purple chrome balloons. Makeup-themed Happy Birthday bunting, Pixel Lights, a Bed Sheet, a Bubble Balloon with a pink balloon inside it, a Lipstick Foil Balloon, and a Pink Star Shaped Foil Balloon round out the decorations. These components, when put together, produce the perfect Makeup Kids Theme Canopy.


Maybe one of these ornaments may appeal to your young lady. We have more birthday decorations in Mumbai to help you celebrate just anyone’s birthday.

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