Cutting-Edge Manufacturers of Rayon Fabric in India

Aditya Birla Chemicals is widely regarded as one of the leading rayon fabric manufacturers. It is known for being a reputed rayon fabric manufacturing company with a vast presence throughout various parts of the country and abroad. Raysil is the company’s creation which is a highly versatile raw material for textiles and is known as VFY or viscose filament yarn which has a high level of softness while being extremely comfortable, almost akin to cotton and possessing top-notch brilliance of color, luster and offering greater fluidity and drape for the fabrics that are churned out. Viscose filament yarn created by the company comes in diverse colors including 600+ shades and this includes natural whites too. The range covers almost everything from absolutely pure tints and medium tones to even shades which are deeper and vibrant and also fine and coarse deniers that have a range between 22 and 1200.

The company is the only one to be properly equipped with all the vital manufacturing technologies essential for VFY, namely CSY (Continuous Spun Yarn), PSY (Pot Spun Yarn) and SSY (Spool Spun Yarn). PSY has a 30-600 Denier range while coming with attributes such as widespread applications and zero shrinkage properties and CSY has a 20-300 Denier range with higher shrinkage and greater tenacity amongst its diverse properties. SSY has a 20-120 Denier range with improved uniformity, zero shrinkage and also greater tenacity in the bargain. Raysil also provides air-texturized yarns for customers along with high modulus yarns, loop yarns and engineered yarns in addition to flat, dull, Rayon tyre and special yarns galore.

Raysil viscose filament yarn is completely natural and versatile while being produced from the house of Grasim Fashion Yarn via top notch wood pulp that is imported from Domsjo Fabrikar, an Aditya Birla Group company in Sweden. This is lustrous, soft and supremely comfortable while providing smoother texture, softer feel and high fluidity levels in general. It is produced throughout two locations with combined production capacity of roughly 48,000 tonnes per annum. The first one is the unit situated at Veraval in Gujarat and the other one is located at Kalyan in Maharashtra.

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