Cyber cell arrested three Natwar Lal9

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Three Natwar Lal, who duped individuals of lakhs with the assistance of Jan Seva Kendra, have been captured by the Cyber ​​Cell of Meerut Zone from Pilkhuwa. An argument has been enlisted against every one of the three at Pilkhuwa police headquarters.


Public help community chief Archit and Nikunj feigned Ravi, an inhabitant of Mohalla Chhiddapuri of Pilkhuwa town, to get an advance. His ledger was additionally opened.

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At the point when the credit didn’t come for quite a while, he went to the bank to discover. Digital ​​cell authorities said that 13 lakh exchanges have occurred in the record. Ravi met ADG Rajiv Sabharwal and stopped a grumbling of cheating of lakhs against the three Natwar Lals.


He claimed that the public help community administrator deceived him of lakhs on the affection of getting credits. More than a hundred and fifty individuals have additionally been cheated of lakhs of rupees. ADG Rajiv Sabharwal gave over the examination to the Zonal Cyber ​​Cell.


On Saturday late evening, Cyber ​​Cell, Director of Public Service Center Archit Jain, Nikunj Jain, and Jagdish was captured and given over to Pilkhuwa police. The two siblings used to open records in private puts money in the guise of getting credits by taking individuals’ archives. He was in touch with another hooligan posse. Digital ​​cell authorities say that a ton of proof has likewise been found from the three Natwar Lal. He has duped in excess of 150 individuals till now.

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