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Propertylink Cyprus is a Registered and Licensed Estate Agency and one of the Leading companies in the Cyprus Property Market.
Weather you invest through the Cyprus Investment program in order to receive a citizenship or a permanent residency; or simply to have a property in Cyprus for holiday use; discover our limitless opportunities and how we can become your property partner in Cyprus.
The Cypriot Real Estate Market is experiencing growth rates since the interest of foreign investors in Cyprus properties keeps growing. This is primarily due to the Cypriot governments initiative regarding the Cyprus Citizenship Program, the permanent residency program as well as the various tax incentives offered. In 2017, large-scale projects for residential, commercial and hotel units as well as marinas and casino resort have been planned to start or approved to happen. The interest for any Cyprus property type, land acquisition and development especially in the coastal regions of Limassol, Paphos, Famagusta and Larnaca is on the rise. Real estate in Cyprus is a profitable investment with guaranteed rental income, besides its excellent conditions of safe and comfortable family living.
PropertyLink will answer all questions and assist you in buying an apartment or house/villa in Cyprus. According to your preferences, we will be happy to provide you a detailed advice, legal and immigration support and assist you with all financial aspects. Through our extensive services you can have access into free selection of properties within our large property database in all regions of Cyprus as well as in Greece and Greek islands.
Buying property in Cyprus will be a reliable future investment if you entrust a reliable and licensed real estate professional. Along with the purchase of residential and commercial Cyprus property or plot of land to develop, we can help you and your family, to secure residency in Cyprus; either by obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit within 90 days or the European Citizenship through sustainable investment property (ies).
Limassol is also the flagship of Cyprus in real estate market. A Limassol property is considered the top end of Cyprus property, both in design and quality.
Properties for sale in Limassol, are considered the most expensive all across the island but the same time are considered the most solid investment in Cyprus.
Many Limassol high-rise buildings are under construction; designed and sold to property investors applying for the Cyprus Immigration Investment program through beautiful Limassol apartments and villas.
Limassol property investor will also enjoy the best return and yields from his investment via long and short-term rentals, in some cases rise over 7%.
Alternatively, the Limassol property market has not only residential properties but also commercial properties and offices. Limassol commercial and office properties enjoy again the highest yields and returns from any other region in Cyprus.
Besides the international atmosphere the city has, Limassol is also one of the finest cities to live and retire. According to the Knight Frank Global review, in 2017 was rated as the fifth best place to retire.
Limassol offer a beautiful sandy beach all across its 15km coastal road that runs through the city east to west.
Many luxury Limassol properties, apartments primarily but villas also, enjoy not only the low proximity and walking distance to the beach but also the variety of many amenities such as restaurants, clubs, bars and other places of entertainment which attract tourists.
Because of this reason Limassol property rental is a big business and it is considered comparable the best in the island; attracting investors for Limassol apartments but also retirees for the Limassol villas on the outskirts of the city.
Limassol hosts the second biggest university of the island, the Cyprus Technological University (TEPAK), located in the core of the old city since 2003. The growing student community rejuvenated the old town, by creating many businesses around it.
Old town Limassol buildings for sale are continuously in high demand cause they enjoy certain privileges and guarantee student annual returns and yields.
Coffee shops, restaurants, bars are also found now in the university area, which on the west is now connected with the historical castle and the Limassol marina.Limassol district is by far the best place to invest. Seeking either a retirement house, an apartment for permanent leaving or a pure investment aiming returns. Buying a property in Limassol is the best asset that somebody could have, making money and same time enjoy the luxury and international social life of Limassol.
Paphos being the smallest and most authentic town and region of Cyprus holds also the second place after Limassol in Cyprus property market.
However, the Paphos property market, till today, was always the number one property market in Cyprus for holiday homes and retirement.
The Paphos apartments and Paphos villas were always the first choice to British people primarily, to their step into a quality and quite life.
The Paphos property market over the years, have become a product high in demand combining both design and quality.
Paphos properties are nowadays considered in many cases equally expensive as in Limassol especially in certain areas of the town, centrally and by the coast.
Reselling was always a good business due to the high demand and now that Rental business is giving also high yields, Paphos property has become ideal for anybody, locals and foreign investors.
Paphos properties are highly considered and chosen by many under the Cyprus Immigration Investment Program and the Cyprus Residency program.
Certain Paphos apartments built within very luxury projects and many Paphos Beach Front Villas offering high class quality have targeted by investors and high profile individuals, seeking to enjoy a perfect lifestyle.
Paphos region is hosting also the three largest gold resorts of Cyprus. Many exclusive Paphos golf properties can be offered to Cyprus property investors and golf lovers.
The Paphos golf courses, the big hotel resorts, and the future Paphos marina all are touristic product that enriching the Paphos Property market and Paphos region in general.

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