DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

Data Analysts enable businesses to maximize the value of their data assets by using Microsoft Power BI. As a subject matter expert, data analysts are responsible for designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations. Data analysts also collaborate with key stakeholders across verticals to deliver relevant insights based on identified business requirements. The Data Analyst should have a fundamental understanding of data repositories and data processing both on-premises and in the cloud. Office 365 Fundamentos

Skills measured

NOTE: The bullets that appear below each of the skills measured are intended to illustrate how we are assessing that skill. This list is not definitive or exhaustive.

NOTE: In most cases, exams do NOT cover preview features, and some features will only be added to an exam when they are GA (General Availability).

Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta)

The following course prepare the exam DA-100:

Course DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI


Prepare the Data

Get data from different data sources

Profile the data

Clean, transform, and load the data

Model the Data

Design a data model

Develop a data model

Create measures by using DAX

Optimize model performance

Visualize the Data

Create reports

Create dashboards

Enrich reports for usability

Analyze the Data

Enhance reports to expose insights

Perform advanced analysis

Deploy and Maintain Deliverables

Manage datasets

Create and manage workspaces

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