DAAD Scholarships: An Ultimate Guide for International Students

What is DAAD?

The German Academic Exchange Service (German: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) or DAAD is the world’s largest academic funding organization supporting over 100,000 German and international students every year from all around the world. Staying true to its motto, “Change through Exchange,” DAAD has financed over 2.5 million scholars, including both international students who want to study in Germany and German students wishing to study abroad, since its inception in 1925.

DAAD is majorly funded by the Federal Government and the EU; however, it retains its identity as an independent association of German higher education institutions and their respective student bodies. Apart from its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, DAAD operates a vast network of 18 regional offices and 50 information centers worldwide.

How to choose the right DAAD scholarship for yourself?

International students can choose among over 100 scholarship programs offered by DAAD. These scholarships vary based on certain criteria such as country, level, subjects, intent, duration, and language prerequisites.

Choosing the most suitable scholarship for you can be a bit challenging. The best thing to do here is to use DAAD’s official scholarship database, which is your ultimate source for applying to DAAD scholarships.

Six easy steps to finding the perfect DAAD scholarship for you:

  1.   Visit the DAAD scholarship database, where you will find an option to “Refine Your Selection” based on various search criteria as well as by entering a keyword.
  2.   Select your desired Program level, such as undergraduate, graduate, etc.
  3.   Choose your country of origin.
  4.   Choose the subject area you are interested in.
  5.   Select your intention for scholarship application, such as study, research, internship, teaching, or language course.
  6.   Hit Enter and browse through the scholarship options tailored specifically for you!

Once you have chosen the best scholarship options for yourself, you can move forward to preparing your application. Different scholarships may have different application deadlines and requirements; thus, make sure to keep them in mind to avoid missing out on any crucial detail.

What are the benefits of DAAD scholarships?

  •         Depending on the scholarship program and academic qualifications of the DAAD scholarship holder, students pursuing master’s programs typically receive € 861, while doctoral and postdoc candidates receive € 1,200 per month.
  •         Travel allowance for outward and return travel expenses is granted by DAAD.
  •         Under certain conditions, allowances and insurance benefits for accompanying spouses and children are also offered.
  •         In many programs, the scholarship also includes health insurance coverage. In case your program doesn’t, DAAD may cover health, personal liability, and health insurance under certain circumstances.
  •         For candidates having a disability or chronic illness, DAAD offers additional benefits supplementing the regular benefits.
  •         Most of the German universities do not charge tuition fees; however, studying at some institutions is not free, in which case DAAD will not pay the scholarship holder’s tuition fee.

What are the requirements of DAAD scholarships?

  •         The applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree completed in the last six years.
  •         The applicant should have at least two years of work experience.
  •         English or German language requirements are not fixed and vary from course to course.
  •         If the applicant wishes to come to Germany for a period of up to six months, they must have resided in their country of origin for a minimum of a year at the time of application.
  •         If the applicant wishes to come to Germany for more than six months, they must have acquired their latest degree from their country of origin.
  •         DAAD scholarships are offered to those students who wish to pursue a full-time program in a German institution with mandatory attendance.

What are the selection criteria for DAAD scholarships?

The selection criteria for DAAD scholarships are primarily based on two factors: the quality of the project on which the applicant will work, as well as the applicant’s academic achievements.

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