Daily maintenance of diesel trash pump

The diesel trash pump is actually a mobile pumping station, which can quickly and flexibly reach the application site, transport the urgently needed water to the destination in a short time, or pump the accumulated water of the city road in a short time in an emergency. Drainage, to achieve flood control and disaster relief to protect the lives and property of the people.

The trailer mounted pump is a mechatronic device that can be directly powered by a power supply without the need to connect another motor or power distribution equipment. The intelligent mechatronics equipment is a high-tech product integrating microelectronics technology, digital technology, computer technology, information processing technology, industrial automation control technology, communication technology and mechanical technology.

Daily inspection of diesel dewatering pump(diesel trash pump) must do this:

(1) Regularly inspect the boom of the diesel engine irrigation pump. Each weld joint should be looked at as much as possible. If there is cracking or de-soldering, it will be remedied immediately.

(2) Check the hydraulic oil level. If the oil level is lower or lower than the position after unrolling the legs and the boom, immediately add the hydraulic oil. When filling, pay attention to the cleaning machine, and there is no sand or debris!

(3) Check if the washing chamber is turbid. If it is confirmed that the slurry is leaking, replace the seal body immediately.

(4) Check the reversing pressure with an empty pump. If it is lower than this value, you need to add air or replace the air bag. Check the stirring pressure. Normal 2.5Mpa. If there is 5Mpa, the agitating bearing is broken or the mixing motor is broken. It needs to be shut down for repair.

(5) Check diesel, engine oil, cooling water, transfer case oil, and whether the rotary motor oil is normal.

(6) Check the clearance and wear of the cutting ring of the glasses plate, adjust the gap or the cutting ring to adjust the angle by 90 degrees or replace the glasses plate and the cutting ring as appropriate.

(7) Check the wear of the boom pipe every day (except for the new pipe). Tap the pipe with a hammer. If you hear the crisp sound, it is normal. If you hear the sound of the flap, you need to replace it or spare it to the car to prevent accidents.

(8) Check the oil drain pipe or joint of the engine driven water pump for oil leakage, if it is replaced or repaired immediately.

(9) Check the tire pressure and damage of the car every day to see if there is any damage, if it is repaired or replaced immediately.

(10) Check whether the transmission parts and the boom are flexible, and repair or replace them immediately if abnormalities are found.

(11) Check whether the on-board tool, pump tube, lithium base grease, cleaning ball, remote controller and electric board are in line.

(12) Check the hose wear and the safety of the protective rope.

(13) Check if there is too much hydraulic oil in the washing chamber. If there is any need, stop the piston rod seal.

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