Damage and prevention of wire rope

There will be various damages to the wire rope during use, and the following categories will appear specifically;

Broken wires (fatigue broken wires, worn broken wires, rusted broken wires, cut broken wires, overload broken wires, kinked broken wires, etc.).


Frictional heat during use, localized martensitization of steel wire

Bending fatigue



In addition to the above-mentioned damages according to the specifications for the use of Rigging hardware ropes in various industries, you can also pay more attention to the following aspects during use according to the use and damage characteristics:

1. Prevention of wear

The size, material and rope groove shape of the pulley and drum diameter.

The winding method and installation method of the steel wire rope on the drum.

Pulley and reel device and arrangement.

Whether the replenishment of lubricating oil is timely.

2. Prevention of corrosion

Whether the replenishment of lubrication is timely.

To use galvanized steel wire rope.

Conditional rope core material is made of synthetic fiber.

For different types of steel wire cutting ropes, there should generally be regulations on the service life.

3. Prevention of fatigue

The diameters of pulleys and drums are as large as possible.

Avoid reverse bending of the wire rope.

Use non-loose wire rope.

Use wire to contact the wire rope.

Fourth, the prevention of surface hardening

Before the wire rope runs, be aware of the obstacles that have an impact.

Improve the cnc turning performance of pulleys and reels.

5. Prevention of deformation

Be careful when using wire rope.

Avoid too small bending radius of the wire rope.

The winding direction of the reel.

The groove type of the pulley.

Reduce the fluctuation of lay length.

Six, other prevention

Prevent sudden lifting and stopping.

Do not lift heavy objects above the specified load.

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